Responsibilities & Initiatives in the Architectural Technology Department

Architectural Technology Department:

I have been teaching in the Architectural Technology Department since 2001.  Throughout the years I have taught many of the courses and over the last six years have focused on two design courses that I have created (they did not exist), Design V and Design VI.  These courses are both architectural studios that were missing in the sequence of the design studios in the 5th and 6th semesters.  Both courses deal with design problems that are taught in a laboratory type environment.  I am the course coordinator for these two courses and work with the other full-time faculty and adjuncts on improving and coordinating these courses.

Design V (ARCH 3510) is a fifth semester design studio that deals with both a residential building and a commercial building.  Students design the spaces, along with selecting the material that will be used on the interior and the exterior.  This course is taught in a computer lab that also has access to tables for physical model making, and drawing.  There are 3-4 other professors teaching this course.  There are 18 students in each section, four credits meeting three and a half hours twice a week.

Design VI (ARCH 3610) is a sixth semester design studio that allows the student to explore a different building typology that they chose.  They research this typology and create a program.  All the work the student does is kept on a individual blog that allows the professors and assigned online reviewers, (architects located around the world) to leave comments.  This blog is a progress of the entire semester that allows the student to reflect on the process of the design project.  There are fifteen students in each section, five credits meeting four hours twice a week.