99 Boeurm Place / 242 Pacific Street

siteAfter building 101-103 Boerum Place, I spent much time talking and visiting with the owner of the vacant lot next door to us.  He finally told me that he was ready to sell, and if I did not buy it, he would sell it to a developer.  Knowing construction, I knew that I did not want to risk my house to have someone build next door to it, as I knew the foundation, soil and other neighbors.  I approached some of my former clients to see if they would be interested in developing this site.  I would be the Architect, and they would be investors.  I was able to get everyone committed to this project as they were living in houses that I had designed and knew the process and my background in delivering a project.  The main investors are Mike D and Tamra, who are very interested in design and the process that we went through when designing their home.  Using blogs we were able to work while they were traveling allowing them to view the images and drawings as they worked around the country.  We are currently preparing to start construction.  The drawings are complete and the design has been finalized.  This project is the first project that I am working with a group of investors, and it is on a corner.  A vacant piece of land is rare, but a corner lot is unheard of.  This will be a single family house with a garage.  The zoning has changed since I built the two houses next door.  The floor area ratio was 2.2 when 101-103 were designed, now the zoning has changed to 3.0- which allows us to build up to 3600sf.  The site is only 20′ x 60′ and being on a corner will allow for 80 lineal feet of exposure.  Not only will we have an opportunity to provide quite a bit of natural light, but we will also have the opportunity to design a prominent building that is very visible. Here are the Building Department drawings:  99 BOERUM PLACE.


102813 exterior dwg VERTICAL IPE 103113 new image in site angled