Works in Progress

Currently I am working on a corner single family house in downtown Brooklyn, adjacent to two houses that I had worked on.  It is the first time that I am working on a corner project.This will be a single family house built on the entire lot with a garage and a series of outdoor terraces.  The design will include a lifted living space to avoid direct views from people passing on the sidewalk in front of the house.  This site is currently being used in one of my design studio as I am having the student design a single family house using shipping containers on this site.  I have all the site documentation and zoning, so it allows me to give the students a real life site with all the specifications.  I will also show them my design along with all the issues that I have faced in getting approval from the different agencies.  This will allow the students to understand these issues much better as they have been working with the site for over six weeks.

Presentation Drawings

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