Middles State Periodic Review Committee

I worked alongside Provost August and a small group to assist on the Middles State Periodic Review Report.  I was one of five faculty members that were asked to be part of this group.  I had worked on the original document in 2007. My concentration this time was on SSR7 and SSR8 (Faculty and General Education).  I gathered data relating to the faculty rank, tenure status in regards to the involvement of grants, College Council, and other College activities, the timeline for promotion of new faculty with regards to the new tenure clock, and release time for new faculty.  I worked with many offices, gathering data and analyzing it for Graphs for MSPR to be included into the Periodic Review Report.

Final Report

Middle States Periodic Review Report

Coordinating  Committee

Bonne August

Karl Botchway

Pamela Brown

Tammie Cumming

Julia Jordan

Administration and Finance: Angelo Pace; consultation with Rita Uddin

Enrollment and Student Affairs: Dorie Clay; consultation with Cynthia Bink, Angela Kavenaugh

Faculty governance:  Maria Pagano


Jill Bouratoglou, Associate Professor—Architectural Technology

Aida Egues, Assistant Professor–Nursing

John Huntington, Professor—Entertainment Technology

Noemi Rodriguez, Instructor—HAS Program, Human Services

Peter Spellane, Associate Professor—Chemistry

Now that this document has been submitted, I have been asked to continue working on the Stategic Plan in Fall 2013.  There is a series of meetings scheduled throughout the Fall for this project.