Feeling very comfortable in my own department, I enjoy working with the rest of the College Community in a variety of tasks.  What brought me to teaching from my profession is my desire to provide our students with a better education and prepare them for their professional career in Architecture.  During my first years, I thought I could do this through the courses I taught, but it was not long that I realized that the entire Curriculum needed to work together.  This brought me to looking at not only the Architecture Department’s Curriculum, but the Curriculum Process of the College.

College Council Curriculum Committee                       2009-2013

I had submitted several new courses and gone through the Curriculum Committee.  I enjoyed this process and decided to spend my time on College Council working on the Curriculum Committee.  I started out reviewing proposals and being the Secretary of the Curriculum Committee. I spent two years as Secretary, and then was asked to be President of the Curriculum Committee.  I enthusiastically accepted and remained President for two years.  During these two years, we saw a huge increase in proposals.  Our Committee had over thirty-five members and each meeting was filled with reports and new proposals, both minor and major.  All of these proposals needed to be presented to the entire College Council.  The major proposals needed discussion and questions and a vote, while the minors needed to be presented.  During my time as President, I worked closely with the Executive Committee, Provost August, Dean Jackson, Assistant Provost Brown, and many of the Deans and Chairs.  I developed forms for proposals to be submitted that allowed the Provost office to be able to easily transform the approved proposals into the Chancellors Report.

Academic Integrity Committee                                      2009-2011

Provost August appointed me to the Academic Integrity Committee when it was first begun.  This was a learning process, as this was the first time Citytech had an Academic Integrity Committee.  We looked at policies at a variety of other Institutions, along with reviewing and learning our new policies.  We started to hear from both the students and professors and made decisions. Letter from Chair Parides

Middles State Review Committee                             2012-2013

Middle States required us to report on progress toward meeting the recommendations from our last self-study and team visit in 2008 and to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing City Tech during the five-year period  from now until our next team visit in 2018.

Strategic Planning Committee                                    2013-Present

As a continuation of the Middle State Review, we were charged with producing a working document that stated our goals and how we will achieve these goals in the next five years.

SoTD Curriculum Review Committee                       2012-2013

With my work on both the Department Curriculum Committee and the College Council Curriculum Committee, I was asked by Dean Hom to be part the School of Technology and Design Review Committee.

Teaching Portfolio Workshop                                       January 2013

I attended the Teaching Portfolio workshop during the winter break 2013, as a refresher course to continue both my written exploration of my teachings, but also to learn the new technology of OpenLab.