A Green “Renovation Nation” at 114 Bergen Street

In Fall, 2008, we purchased a rowhouse in Boerum Hill Brooklyn.  It was owned by the same family for over fifty years.  We wanted to create a space that would be safe and modern for our family.  Sustainability and green design were buzz words in architecture, and I did research to see what materials and products could we use to create the spaces that I had designed.  With some research and I found choices that I could make that would not significantly change the budget, but would be healthier and most cost effective in the life of the products and house.  Many of these choices were not seen once the house was completed.  They included:  tankless hot water heater that only was used when needed, spray foam insulation, that had a high r-value, and also acted as a water barrier and soundproofing, air conditioner that used puron not freon and had a very low decibel operating volume, and radiant floor heating, that dispersed the heat throughout the floor.

This house and elements of the construction were featured on Renovation Nation, hosted by Steve Thomas on the Discovery Channel Planet Green.  I was able to film three segments with him:  Spray insulation, kitchen countertops and self leveling epoxy floor with radiant heating embedded.  This show aired in June 2009, and the segments were shown throughout the series.

Video Clip of Renovation Nation Episode

Countertop Excerpt from Renovation Nation

Write up of Renovation Nation