Scholarly Work

An Architect is a person who designs buildings and in many cases also supervises their construction.  This is what I do and I bring this experience along with new technologies and advancements to my teaching.  I am the only professor in my department that is designing new single family ground up construction.  This is a very typical part of architecture throughout the world;  single family houses.  In New York City there is a very complicated approval process, along with the constraints of limited land.  I create spaces that people feel and experience.  They call these houses their own and raise their families, and create memories.  Essay, articles and books may also provide some of these experiences, but once the story is read, the book is put back on the shelf.  The buildings I create are lived in continuously each day.  They are in high demand and have spaces and materials that will last many lifetimes.  I do publish.  I do create.  I design. I build. I teach. I inspire.