Professional Activity Report and Self Evaluation

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New York City College of Technology

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Professional Activity Report and Self Evaluation


1. Date:  13 October 2013

2. Name:    Jill Bouratoglou                      3. Department:  Architectural Technology

4. Date of first NYCCT appointment on tenure bearing line                  09/2002

5. Present Rank:  Associate Professor                                                                             5A.  Effective Date of Present Rank 01/2008
6.  Bachelor’s Degree:

University of Washington       (Bachelor of Arts in Architecture)                  1990

Pratt Institute                          (Bachelor of Architecture)                              1993

 7. Master’s Degree:                                                                                       

Pratt Institute                          (Master of Architecture)                                 1993

8. Thesis Title:  “School for the Visually Impaired in Lower Manhattan”

 9. Doctorate:                                                                     

10. Dissertation Title:

11. Progress toward doctorate:
12. Doctoral Dissertation Advisor or Sponsor:

13.  Basis for Doctoral Equivalent if relevant:

14. Professional licenses or certifications:

NYS Architectural License 1998

15. Summary of Previous Employment:
Bouratoglou Architect, PC   1999-Present

This is my own company that I pursue projects one at a time with my husband.  The practice focuses on single family houses.  This is an awarded winning, published firm in Downtown Brooklyn, focusing our work mainly in our neighborhood.  We are committed to building housing that fits the character of the neighborhood, while using the latest technologies and sustainable practices.

STV, Inc   225 Park Avenue South New York, NY 10003-1604, 1999-2001

Schematic Design Architect for many transportation projects including the LIRR into Grand Central Station, along with Academic Buildings at West Point and programmatic studies at SUNY Purchase. Worked as part of a team with coordination between many engineering units, clients and construction drawings.

Kevin Hom + Andrew Goldman Architects,  1995-1999

Lead for the New York Public Library Chatham Square Branch, State University of New York at New Paltz Day Care Center, School Construction Authority PS 101Q, and Police Athletic League Duncan Center. Participated on the Architectural Team for the Center for Design Innovation at Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York at Binghamton Student Union, State University of Stony Brook Student Activities Center, and various School Construction Authority Projects. Interaction with clients, engineers, contractors and product representatives; Programming, Cost Estimating, Schematic Design; Design Development; Construction Documents, Selection of interior and exterior finishes and colors, and lighting and plumbing fixtures; CAD/computer organizer.


All Work can be seen at:

16. List all courses taught at New York City College of Technology

Design:  ARCH 1111 Architectural Design I: Foundations, ARCH 2311 Design III,                    ARCH 3510/3511 Design V,  ARCH 3610/3611 Design VI, ARCH 4811 Design  VII,            FMGT 4880 Space Planning

Building Technology:   ARCH 2300 Building Technology  III, ARCH 2400 Building Technology IV

History:   ARCH 1121 History of Architectural Technology

Computer:   ARCH 1290 Architectural Cad, ARCH  2491 Computer Generated Architectural Presentation Drawings

17.  List other teaching/instructional responsibilities.

Curriculum Committee Architectural Technology Department, 2009-Present

I am a member of our three person Curriculum Committee in our Department.  We have reworked and submitted two major curriculum changes over the last three years, one for the AAS degree and one for the BTech degree.  These included major revisions and new courses.

Formal Academic Advisement, On-going

As an active faculty in advisement and scheduling, I am responsible for surveying students for courses to run during the Summer and Winter terms.  I gather signatures required by the Vice President of Student Affairs, of those interested in taking the courses during these terms.  I also develop schedules for the faculty for late and early registration for our students.

Curriculum Assessment Committee:  Architectural Technology Department, 2011-Present

I have developed with our Chair a system to review our curriculum.  As the Chair of this committee, I have set up a guide for faculty to review each course.  There is a list of the items that should be reviewed and gathered and also a group of objectives that should be addressed.  We have presentations of the course from the course coordinator and then at the end of the semester we have a presentation of the review from the faculty member at our faculty meetings.  The documents are kept on the Openlab site.

Course Coordinator for ARCH 3510 and ARCH 3610, Ongoing

I have developed both ARCH 3510 and 3610 and continue to coordinate these courses with the faculty teaching.


18.  Publication and Production: 

1.        Articles/Books featuring my Architectural Projects (Peer Reviewed and Selected for Inclusion):

 Renovation Nation with Steve Thomas, Discovery Channel, Planet Green, June 4, 2009.

One of our design projects that was under construction, was selected to be featured on Renovation Nation for the “green” construction and materials.  I was filmed with Steve Thomas working on two of the three segments:  Epoxy floors with radiant in-floor heating, kitchen counters made of recycled materials. The third segment was on sugar based spray foam insulation.  These three segments were aired in June 2008, and they were rebroadcast in other episodes as supplement material.

 Small Homes , Best of Fine Homebuilding.  Tauton Press, 2011 A Duplex Grows in Brooklyn.

One of our ground-up design/construction project was featured in this most widely read home construction magazine in the country, covering all aspects of residential construction and remodeling for hands-on homeowners and professional builders.  The article was written by both John and I.

Design Brooklyn, Stewart, Tabori & Chang , 2013 Mike D’s Towhouse.  Page 72.

Design Brooklyn is a visual exploration of the unique and diverse architecture, interiors, and design of public and private spaces in today’s Brooklyn, including a project that we were the Architects for:  a renovated landmark rowhouse.

Earle-Levine, Julie. “ License to Grill” New York Times, June 12, 2013.

House section of the NYTimes, showcasing the renovated rowhouse that we were the Architects for for Mike D of the Beastie Boys.  This article and images have been republished and written about in over hundreds of other publications and blogs.            A google search for “Mike D Beastie Boys Cobble Hill house”  showed over 2,660 results.  Some of these site are:  Huffington Post, Curbed, Gothamist, Town +Country Magazine, Brownstoner.

Emerging Scholar – Detailing of Houses on Blog,                Spring 2013

Emerging Scholar – Connecting Student with Professionals Around the World, Spring 2013

Both of these projects were presented at the Citytech Poster Session Spring 2013.

2.  Houses and Project Built (Commissioned by Clients and Reviewed by Peers in Municipal Agencies):

Renovation of 114 Bergen Street , Brooklyn, NY, 2007-2008

Green Renovation of a turn of the century brick rowhouse, featured on Renovation Nation television program.

LEED Certified Renovation. 32 Tuthill Road, Remsenberg, NY, 2009-2010

Design and construction supervision of a LEED certified house on Long Island, NY

New Construction Single Family House. 101 Boerum Place  2009-2011

New Construction Single Family House. 103 Boerum Place  2009-2011

Two attached ground-up construction single family houses designed and constructed.  These houses were documented in the blogs that have been used in teaching and research.  One of the house was sold before the shell was even completed, or the house was even listed with a realtor, and it was done with a bidding war.

Landmarks Renovation. Private Residence on Baltic Street Brooklyn, NY, 2011-2012

Working with two famous owners in collaborating the design and construction drawings for a very prestigious house in the landmark district of Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.  This project has been published in a variety of magazines and blog and book.

New Single Family House.  Union Street, Brooklyn, NY  2011-2012

This house was a challenge as the site was narrow (18’), the soil was poor and the water table was high.  This project was designed and approved and sold after the foundation was installed.

19.  Works in Progress:

99 Boerum Place – New Construction:  Single Family, 2013-Present  This is a new project that is being developed as this new structure is being constructed.  This project is a collaboration of a group of our former clients that were excited about the process of design and construction and believe in our work.  This collaboration process introduces us to new materials and ideas from the group.  We are working with Mike D and his wife who have been exposed to so many opportunities and spaces.  This blog is completed and is being developed into a formal manuscript as part of a PCS-CUNY grant.

Emerging Scholar – Design of Computer Systems Technology Offices, Fall 2013

Currently working with Lia Dikigoropoulou and three students on the design process for the Computer Systems Technology offices.

7 Laura Lee Drive  Center Moriches, NY:  Renovation post Sandy,  2013-Present

Renovation of a single family house that was flooded by Hurricane Sandy.  Complete redesign and renovation including selection of material suitable for this flood zone.

 20.  Honors, Prizes, and Awards

21.  Grant Activity

Awarded Fellowship Leave for Fall 2012-Spring 2013.  This was deferred as there were major curriculum implementations and developments in the Architectural Department.  This fellowship was to research and document the construction process of building a single family house in Brooklyn, NY.

A Living Laboratory: Revitalizing General Education for a 21st-Century College of Technology: Third Year Fellow , Spring 2013-Present

Selected to participate as a third year fellow as both of my courses are in the third year.  Actively participated in seminars and incorporated high impact learning strategies along with using the Brooklyn Waterfront in my courses.  I have created numerous Openlab sites for coursework and collaboration with my colleagues.

PCS-CUNY Grant   “Process of Construction of a Modern Townhouse”    July 2013 Awarded $3327.12

Focused research and documentation of the process of how a building is developed. This documentation would be in the form of written commentary and analysis supported with drawings, details, photographs over a timeline. The aspects that would be included are: site selection, initial design studies, design development, impact of the Building Codes, coordination with other trades, construction drawings, agencies approval, bidding, material testing, material, fixtures, and color selections, construction process, inspections, punch lists, acquiring a certificate of occupancy, and furnishing.


All Work can be seen at:

22.  Administrative Assignments

MCF Preparation and Faculty Scheduling (release time), 2009-present

I am responsible for scheduling of courses, scheduling of faculty and adjunct schedules, release time, workloads and room assignments.  This includes all inputs in CUNYFirst, coordinating with the Deans office for faculty assignments and workloads, along with submitting and proofing the class schedule with the registrars office.

Coordination of Adjuncts, 2010-present

Each semester I am responsible for coordinating with the adjuncts, and new hires, their schedules, workloads, paperwork for hiring, connecting them with the course coordinator, introducing them to the department with the various handouts, working with them on absences and guiding them with advise related to teaching and student issues.

Appointments Committee, 2009 – present

I am one of the four members of the Appointments Committee in the Architectural Department.  Over the last five years we have been very active in interviewing and hiring new faculty and adjuncts.  We also have had a tremendous responsibility in guiding our new faculty and working with them to develop a professional plan as they acclimate to teaching at Citytech.  We are also charged with evaluating the Student Evaluation of Teaching and working with the professors that may have scored lower in certain areas.  With the change of our curriculum, we have had to search for new adjuncts to meet the ever changing needs of our curriculum.

Design Review Committee for Arch Tech, 2011-Present

One of the three members of this committee to review the design sequence for consistencies and growth throughout the seven semester sequence.

23.  Other Department/College/University Service, including Continuing Education 

Secretary of College Council Curriculum Committee, 2008-2010

(Chair Peter Catapano) Responsibilities included documenting the minutes of each meeting and the voting results for each proposal and submitting them to website.  Distributing the minutes and agenda to all members prior to the meeting.

Chair of College Council Curriculum Committee, 2010-2012

Responsibilities included:  Running the Curriculum meetings the met monthly, meeting with the Executive Committee to set the agenda for College Council meeting,  meeting with the Provost and Vice Provost to review proposals and agenda, receiving, reviewing and logging in all new proposals, assigning new proposals to members to review, creating forms for submittals, presenting all proposals to College Council for a vote, submitting approved Chancellors Report forms to Provost’s office.

Member of College Council Curriculum Committee, 2012-2013

(Chair Andrew Douglas)  Reviewed numerous proposal as chair of the sub-committee.  Assisted on the Pathways proposal with Chair Andrew Douglas.

Academic Integrity Committee, 2009-2011

(Chair Peter Parides) Worked as a member of this committee reviewing procedures and hearing cases relating to academic integrity from both sides; the student and the faculty and making decisions.

Middles State Periodic Review Committee, 2012-2013

(Chair Bonne August) I worked alongside Provost August and a small group to assist on the Middles State Periodic Review Report.  My concentration was on SSR7 and SSR8 (Faculty and General Education).

Strategic Planning Committee, 2013-Present

(Chair Bonne August) A continuation of the Middle State Periodic Review Committee we were charged with developing goals and looking at our current Mission and Vision.

School of Technology and Design Curriculum Review Committee, 2012-Present

(Chair David Smith) With my work on both the Department Curriculum Committee and the College Council Curriculum Committee, I was asked by Dean Hom to be part the School of Technology and Design Review Committee.  We were charged with developing a system tha can be used by all departments in the School of Technology and Design to review their courses on a set cycle.

Teaching Portfolio Workshop, January 2013

I attended the Teaching Portfolio workshop during the winter break 2013, as a refresher course to continue both my written exploration of my teachings, but also to learn the new technology of OpenLab.

24.  Professional Activities and Recognition 

NYS Architectural License, 2009- present

Continual growth and professional development to continue licensure.

Site Safety Manager Course        by CES, August 2012

8-hour refresher course to continue my certification by NYC as Site Safety Manager.

 25. List any other activities considered relevant, including participation in continuing professional education and community service.

Board Member  / Architect for Brooklyn Autism Center, 2008-present

Assisting in growth, space needs and fund raising.


All Work can be seen at:

26. Self evaluation:

2012-2013 I have continued to support my Department and my College in the areas that I am compassionate.  I continue to serve on the College Council Curriculum Committee and have had three proposals that I have reviewed and reported on, one of which had an Open Hearing.  I have joined Provost August in a small committee reviewing standards on the Middle States Review.  This has included gathering and analyzing much data relating to teaching, grants, curriculum and faculty.


In the Architectural Technology Department I have been learning CUNYFirst, as I am responsible for creating the MCF for Fall, Spring and Summer.  I sit on the Appointments Committee and work on each of the Professors and adjuncts schedules.  This includes scheduling for CityPoly courses along with all the interdepartmental Learning Communities and those with other Departments.


Teaching this year has been very exciting as the major Curriculum Proposal that I had worked on in the previous years, has been implemented.  The Spring semester was the first semester on these new courses.  ARCH 3510 is the new design studio focusing on interior design of both residential and commercial projects.  This Spring 2013, I have had the privilege to work with Professor Andrea Johnson, an Architect with many year experience at a very large Commercial Architecture Firm, SOM.  I was able to co-teach the course with her, I taught the residential project and she taught the commercial project.  It was a great way for me to be introduced to so much about what is current in commercial architecture and collaborate on assignments, syllabus and projects.


ARCH 3610 became a new required course that was developed from ARCH 3611 that I created five years ago.  I co-taught this course with Professor Lia Dikigoropoulou as we are continuing our exploration of online reviewers as a mechanism of introducing our students to Architects around the world.  We have a database of over one hundred online reviewers to work with our students, many can be connected with our students based on their project type.  The interaction of the online reviewers and the students can be seen through their blogs.  Lia and I have been documenting this work and presented our findings at the City Tech Research Conference on April 5, 2013.  Our proposal was accepted at the CUE conference at John Jay College May 5, 2013.


Professionally, I continue to work and research single family housing.  I have my two blogs that I continue to work on. is being used by my Emerging Scholar to produce three-dimensional details.  We will look at two-dimensional drawings, three-dimensional drawings and photographs of the site to see which type of drawings work for what type of details and audience.  I am currently working on a renovation that was impacted by Sandy.  It is a small beach house in Center Moriches, NY.  The material, location to the salt water and type of construction are very different than y case studies in Brooklyn.  It is a very eye-opening project, as this is typical for the frame construction houses that line most of America.


2011-2012 I continued my work with Curriculum.  I was Chair of the Curriculum Committee of College Council.  It was a very productive year with over 20 new Major Curriculum Proposal approved and over 20 Minor Curriculum Proposal put forth.  Also I developed new forms to streamline the proposal to make sure that all proposals are submitted with the same materials.  I also developed Major and Minor Chancellor Report Forms that were used for presenting these new proposals to the College Council and for submission to CUNY Central by the Provosts office.


In the Architectural Department I was one of the authors of the Major Curriculum Proposal for the BTech in Architectural Technology.  This was a major overhaul of the third and fourth years of our program.  I work course outlines and documentation for this proposal.


I taught ARCH 3611 – Theoretical Design with Lia Dikigoropoulou.  I developed new handouts and reworked the course outline to teach site design before the students developed their programs.  This was a major change that had a very successful outcome.  The students were aware of the site and its requirements while studying precedents of their building types.  This allowed the student to look at examples that related better to their site.  I feel it was a change that allowed for better designs from our students.  The online reviewers were stronger this year, and our list is increasing.  Many of the online reviewers were able to join us for the final review. was completed as a blog as the new houses were built and occupied.  I have developed an outline of the work that has been done on the blog and the next steps of how I would develop this work into a format that may be used by many people.  I submitted this as my fellowship project, and was awarded a full year fellowship.  I decided to defer my fellowship as there were so many outstanding issues with Curriculum and changes in the schedule.


2010-2011 was a productive year especially in curriculum.  There were major curriculum changes within our department that I was heavily involved in along as taking part as Chair of the Curriculum for College Council.  There were over fifteen major proposals approved and fifteen minor proposals.


Teaching was very exciting as I teamed with Lia Dikigoropoulou in teaching ARCH3611 – Theoretical Design.  We worked with the students to create online blogs of all their work and the progress throughout the semester.  We teamed each student with a few online reviewers that along with us gave outside comments throughout the semester.  We will build on this model throughout this next year. was another main focus of my outside explorations. I am hoping to continue this process and document the process of constructing houses in Brooklyn.  The entire process from beginning to end.  Much of the work on the website is in preparation for this next step that I hope to work on during the next few semesters as an independent research.