Fulton Mall Connection to Borough Hall

With the economical surge in downtown Brooklyn, Fulton Mall has been rezoned, changing the shape of this vibrant shopping strip.  Major retail stores that have been only in the City are now finding storefronts in Fulton Mall.  The lighting, paving,street furniture and signage have all been redesigned and implanted.  Even with all these improvements, physically it is cut off from Brooklyn Heights, an affluent neighborhood, by Adams Street which leads to the Brooklyn Bridge.  I worked with my students in ARCH 3511 to develop a “Found” site to create a connection and entrance for Fulton Mall.

The “Found” site is a triangle of leftover space at the entrance of Fulton Mall.  I ask my students to find a storefront to be placed in this site that will act as an entrance and icon for the Fulton Mall.

photo3Some of the proposal include:

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