Boerum Hill Neighborhood Infill Projects

Part of my professional career is based around new construction of single family residences.  I have built numerous single family houses, and continue to pursue opportunities in the surrounding areas of Downtown Brooklyn.  Two of my last projects were in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.  Since working in this area, I have become very familiar with the neighborhood.  It is a short walk to Citytech, so I have been using this neighborhood to develop infill sites in my residential projects .  An “infill” site is a site on which it is not developed or underdeveloped for the current zoning/neighborhood.

We have looked at a few of these sites during the semesteboeurm dean siters of ARCH3511/3510.

boerum site pacific                                                                                                                         boerum victor site92 boerumOnce the sites have been selected the student work with what they have studied about each site and create a house for their assigned family using the NYC Building Code, along with shipping containers.  A few of their projects include:

boerum site boerum heriberto boerum enny