I have worked on a variety of projects during my career as an Architect.  These projects have included:  dormitories, a daycare center, college buildings, subway stations, lightrail stations, library renovations, community centers, residential projects including condominiums, multi-family to new single family houses.  As each project bring a variety of challenges and excitement, I have started to focus my research and practice on single family residences, with a concentration on new construction in Brooklyn, NY.

This is a very limited area of study as there is very limited vacant land in Brooklyn, NY.  In my practice I concentrate on one new construct at a time.  This allows me to focus on the documentation of these projects along with exploring new materials and technology to include in each of the new projects.

Throughout the last projects, I have been able to research and include the following new technologies into our projects:  solar panels, bio-based spray foam insulation, radiant in floor heating, on demand hot water heaters, energy efficient appliances – especially appliances with built-in hot water heaters to reduce the movement of hot water to these appliances and demand on the hot water heater.

These projects are brought into the classroom as case studies and continual growth in the courses I teach.  I am always being exposed to new technologies, materials and building issues in each project, and can bring this to my students.