Private Home on Baltic Street

Mike D. (of the Beastie Boys) and Tamra Davis (Director) approached us to work with them in developing an old Brownstone in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, into a home for them and their two sons.  They were leaving Tribeca and wanted a space that was better for their family with outside space.

Mike and Tamra, have been through many renovations, and were knowledgeable on construction and design.  We spent many hours working together collaborating on designs, layouts materials and lighting.  I produced a set of construction documents and went through the process of having them reviewed at the building department.  This house was located in a landmark district, so review needed to be done by the landmarks examiner.

Construction went smoothly, with a few surprises.  These were dealt with during construction as the house is very close by, and site visits were made frequently.

bath-01 kitchen-02 master-02

With the celebrity status, this house has been published.  It appeared in the New York Times and also being featured in a book dedicated to design in Brooklyn.  Design Brooklyn