Redhook Flood Impact Projects

After Hurricane Sandy, we looked at neighborhoods near to school where we could take what had happened and integrate it into our Curriculum.  We looked at the neighborhood of Redhook, in Brooklyn.  It was a thriving port before container shipping was introduced, and was just starting to see revival before Hurricane Sandy with major retailer established in the neighborhood.

Hurricane Sandy hit Redhook quite severely, as much of it is located in the floodzones.redhook floodzones

The students spent the entire semester researching four sites, along with acceptable design in a floodzone.  They each chose one of the sites, and selected a building type that would work in this area of Redhook.  From there the students developed their building along with the sitework, materials, and structure.  Here are a few of their projects:

david elevations marlon elevations marlon section oscar renderings

april rendering statue