I use blogs to document the process of the my projects.  This allows me to see how long certain phases has taken and creates a photo documentation of the process of construction that I can use when teaching or working on the next project.  I allow the client to follow the blog as they normally cannot make it to the site every day. It also allows me to reflect on the phase of construction in writings along with photographs.  This process has been very helpful in my architecture, but it validates what I am teaching in ARCH 3610- Design VI. The students are just as interested in seeing the images of my final projects as they are looking at the process of the project.  This includes the preliminary design through all phases of construction.  I was a awarded a PCS-CUNY grant in July 2013, to develop and combine these blogs into a manuscript.

Here are some blogs that I have been using for both professional growth and research and teaching.


Two New Construction Townhouses This blog is completed and is being developed into a formal manuscript through a PCS CUNY grant.


ARCH 3511/3510 Design V: I use one blog/openlab site to keep all the projects and assignments.  Each student must upload their work.  This gives a place where everyone can view each others work and progress.

ARCH 3511 Fall 2012

ARCH 3510 Spring 2013

ARCH 3510 Fall 2013

In ARCH 3610/3611 Design VI: each student maintains their own blog for the entire semester.  They are assigned online reviewers to comment and follow their progress along with both Prof. Dikigoropoulou and myself (this course is co-taught).

ARCH 3611 Student Blog

ARCH 3610 Student Blog

ARCH 3610 Fall 2013 – Openlab site

ARCH 3610 Spring 2013 – Openlab site