In the Architecture Technology Department, I assist with many aspects of the department, mainly these are related to Curriculum as this is one of my passions in teaching.  I spend much time working on review of our Curriculum, along with working with the professors that teach in the design sequence to assure that we are building upon each others teachings.

Curriculum Assessment                                                                    2010- present

As part of this love for Curriculum, I have taken on the responsibility of organizing a structure of reviewing courses each semester.  I developed a list of tasks for each reviewer so that we could analyze each course in the same manner.  This process is in its third semester of review and we will continue as we go through all the courses.  There is feedback from the course coordinators and the faculty teaching the course. This review is used to improve the content and teaching methods of the course.  Continue….

 MCF Preparation and Faculty Scheduling (release time)                  2009-present

Through working on the MCF and faculty scheduling I can work closely with the Appointment Committee (on which I am a member), to assure that we have the correct qualifications for adjuncts to teach our courses.  I also work with the course coordinators on scheduling as we run many sections of most of our courses.  Continue….

Coordination of Adjuncts                                                                    2010-present

Through constant communication with our adjunct professors when we are developing their schedules, I have created a very strong relationship with them.  Many of the adjunct professors will contact me regarding procedure, grading, absences and other college related questions.  Many times we will share teaching experiences and professional contacts along with visiting each others juries.

Department Curriculum Committee                                                  2011 – present

Over the last four years, the Architectural Technology Department has had two major curriculum changes, one for the AAS degres and one for the BTech degree.  I have been very much evolved in both of these proposals.  There were also minor curriculum changes during this time.  Continue…

Appointments Committee                                                                  2009 – present

With having so many new faculty in the Architectural Technology Department, I feel it is very important to be actively involved in the Appointments Committee.  Over the course of each semester we will interview from fifteen to twenty five possible new hires.  We interview for CLTs, adjuncts, full-time faculty lines, and office aides.  The interviews are very time consuming, but this is necessary as we want to ensure that we hire the most qualified people to teach and assist our students.  The ever changing technology and the world of architecture demands us to look for faculty who can bring their new ideas to our students.  We also spend time looking at the observations, student evaluation of teaching and annual reports.  We spend time looking at all of our faculty and how best they can help our students in their roles in the department.

Design Review Committee for Arch Tech                                         2011-Present

Professors Lia Dikigoropoulou, Illya Azaroff and Jill Bouratoglou work together on reviewing the Design Sequence for the Architectural Technology Curriculum.  There are eight semesters of design studios required for our students.  I am the course coordinator and creator for Design V and Design VI.  We spend time looking at the course outlines and projects and determining the appropriate sequence of projects, lessons and technology.  We work with the course coordinators of the other design courses and look for the continual growth of the student through the semesters.  We try to have concepts introduces, reinforced and mastered as they move through the Design Sequence.