A few of my projects have been published.  There are very few architectural magazine that have remained since the surge of online blogs and websites.

Building a building and going through the process of publication, takes years.  The importance of the building, be it the unique materials, the sustainable methods of heating and cooling, the high-tech glazing system, could be outdated or replace by better products during this time.   This is one reason that it very hard to publish actual projects in architecture.  There are many websites where you can upload your project, with no peer review or oversight, but the following publications are genuine publications that are reviewed and marketed throughout the country.

One project that I have been so honored to work on is a renovation of private residence in the landmarked section of Cobble Hill in Brooklyn.  It is the home to Mike D of the Beastie Boys, his wife Tamra, a director and their two sons.  It is a turn of the century rowhouse that needed a complete renovation.  It has been featured in the Home section of the New York Times and also in a new book released October 2013 that is completely about the architecture of Brooklyn.

Article in the   Home Section New York Times  

Design Brooklyn

This project has continued to be featured in many magazines and websites.  Some are:


Yahoo News

Huffington Post

Apartment Therapy

Another project that I had completed, was published in a publication of Fine Homebuilding.  This is an example of a project that was completed and then published.  It was a long process as this house was completed in 2006, and was published in this publication in 2011. This publication is one of the leaders in residential construction.  They are very practical and technical and I wrote this article.

Small Homes , Best of Fine Homebuilding. Tauton Press, 2011                                            A Duplex Grows in Brooklyn.

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