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HW #6

From reading the short biography on Dorothea Lange, I can tell her work was meant to impact change. When I look at the ‘White Angel Breadline’ photo the first thing I feel is clustered and uncomfortable. All the dark colored … Continue reading

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For the “ white angel bread line”,the strong black and white tone makes me feel depressed, and the expression of the characters in photo clearly shows this atmosphere. The hats cover the top half of photo. People wear deep clothes … Continue reading

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HW 6 Dorothea Lange

“White Angel Bread Line” by Dorothea Lange was taken during the Great Depression in San Francisco, 1933.  This photo really shows how much pain and struggles they had to go through.  There were many elements that contributed to this powerful … Continue reading

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HW 5 – Owen Dennis

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HW 1 Owen Dennis

Photograph: The name of the photograph is “R Train Platform, 59th and Central Park” by Suzanne Stein This photograph depicts a couple kissing on the right side of the frame. I’m assuming they’re the main subject of the picture … Continue reading

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Owen Dennis HW 6

After reading the short biography of Dorothea Lange, when I first saw this photograph I felt hopelessness and just pain. The photograph which is in black and white, is mostly focused on one man, while the rest of the crowd … Continue reading

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May 1 Agenda and semester schedule

Today we will consider the fundamentals of food photography. There will be three exercises: Fill or Brightening the Shadows Depth of Field Background Matters The Final Project   May 8 – Final Project support and Digital … Continue reading

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Hw #6 – Dorothea Lange

The White Angel Breadline by Dorothea Lange was shot in San Francisco, 1933. Even without context, this image makes me emotional. From the body language, I feel the loneliness, hopelessness, and hardship the man must be feeling. That he is … Continue reading

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HW 6- Dorothea Lange

White Angel Bread Line, by Dorothea Lange, San Fransisco. 1933, the moment I saw this photo I felt time paused there, depression and sadness. The first character in the photograph that I believe is the main in it is the … Continue reading

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Dorothea Lange – Clemson Brown

From my understanding of the image that is being presented, the image makes me feel claustrophobic. The image seems to elevate this idea of feeling like you’re surrounded by those that you don’t understand or know, therefore you feel lonely … Continue reading

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