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The shutter speed setting affects the way we capture motion. Motion blur is when the subject is in motion and when captured on camera there appears streaks of color/light or the subject becomes almost nonexistent. This can be done by having long exposure. Another factor that can influence motion blur is distance from the camera. In this photo, the subject is closer to the camera which makes it appear blurrier as well.

Factors that can affect depth of field are the focal length, the distance from the subject to the camera and Aperture. In this photo by getting close to the subject which are the fruit, I focused on the red apple closest to the camera. The surrounding fruits become out of focus the farther away from the camera they are.

3. Before

Exposure: +0.73

Contrast: +52

Highlights: +14

Shadows: +45

Whites: -100

Blacks: +100

Saturation: +16

Clarity: +13

Dehaze: +32

4. In both photographs of Samuel Jackson, the angle seems to be at eye level. He is positioned face forward to the camera looking at us. In Matthew’s photo, it looks like front lighting so there aren’t much shadows on his face. Whereas in Timothy’s photo, it looks like Rembrandt lighting because the light appears onto partial of his face; 45 degrees. So there are some shadows created and a small triangle can be seen on his right side. In Timothy’s photo, he is much closer to the subject so we see more of Samuel Jackson and not the background. In Matthew’s photo, it feels like an equal balance between subject and background. In both photos, Samuel appears to be standing slightly off center, but not enough to be rule of thirds. So it makes me think of symmetry, and using the dominant eye technique.

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  1. rmichals says:

    1. Excellent. You demonstrated the fact that distance from the camera is a factor besides shutter speed.
    3. nice correction. Much more detail in the dark areas is visible.
    4. you correctly identified the lighting styles. good.

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