1. for motion blur, i took this picture from inside the car while it was moving but i had to stay very still in order for my picture to not be distorted and also so that i can capture the cars moving outside. the yellow and red lights are fast moving cars coming from the opposite direction. important factors to capture motion blur are, shutter speed, lighting, and camera stability.


2. for shallow of depth, i photographed these flowers because the focus is on the flowers in the front it creates depth. Three main factors that will affect how you control the depth of field of your images are aperture, distance from the subject to the camera, and focal length of the lens on your camera.



contrast: 18

hue: 9

saturation: 15

exposure: +0.30

offset: -0.0114

4. the two pictures of Samuel Jackson are different in terms of lighting, styles, mood and expressions. the lighting in second one is coming from the right side which is creating a shadow in the left side of his face as compared to the first one which is black and white. the mood is different and that is caused by of course the style and lighting in the pictures but also the expressions and the attitude of Samuel Jackson which makes the both images very different from each other and creates a whole new mood for each.

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  1. rmichals says:

    1. I do not see any motion blur in this photograph. the car may be moving but it is a long shutter speed used to photograph something moving that creates motion blur.

    2. The effect of shallow depth of field in your photo of flowers is very slight. If using a dSLR, use the widest aperture, use a telephoto focal length, get close to the subject. If shooting with a cameraphone, you can get shallow depth of field in a detail by getting close to the subject and zoom in.

    3. Your interpretation of the photo leaves the darks very dark and largely without detail. Bring up the shadows to make sure there is detail in the dark areas.

    4. We can the lighting style of the Greenfield Saunders photo Rembrandt while the lighting in the Smith photo is front light sometimes called butterfly light. You did not use the terms about composition that we discussed in class and that are on the composition tab of this openlab site.

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