HW 7- Window Light Portraits

Create a series of self portrait using window light that express a feeling of confinement. Not selfies.Β  This can be done with a phone or a camera.

Shoot at least 20 photos. Post them to an album on Flickr and send the best 5 to the class group before AprilΒ  20, 12 noon, EST.Β 

You should be near or next to a window to utilize the window light.Β 

The window can be in the photo or you can just use the light from the window.Β 

Shoot some examples with direct light and some with diffused light. Shoot some examples that use each of the 5 lighting styles discussed in class.

As usual pay attention what is in the frame. Sometimes what is in the background can be distracting.

Your photos should use light, expression and the relationship between you and the background to be expressive. No props. If you have curtains or venetian blinds, you may use them as elements in some of the photos.

You can use the camera’s or cameraphone’s timer. In some way set up the camera so you frame where you will be. Try books on a shelf or lean your phone on the window sill. Once you figure this out, focus on a spot where you place yourself and press shutter and jump into frame. Β 

Experiment with different expressions and gestures and different framing (how much of you is in the frame.)

Thanks to Professor Pelka for this assignment idea!

Here are some examples shot by students in Professor Pelka’s class:

Photographer: Brandon Babb
Shot for Professor Pelka’s class

Photographer: Adam Ahmed
Shot for Professor Pelka’s Photo 1 class




Photographer: Justin Jackson
Shot for Professor Pelka’s Photo 1 class

Photographer: Chengjiu Du
Shot for Professor Pelka’s class

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