Window Light Portraits – Rembrandt, Broad, Short and Split Light

Review the portrait lighting styles: Rembrandt, Broad, Short, and Split light on this week’s topic page.

Standing close to a window, create a self-portrait in each lighting style. Put them into a post with the category Week 9 – Window Light Portraits. Clearly label each one with the lighting style and write a short description of the lighting style in your own words. Also, tell us a little about your process. Which lighting style was most difficult to create?

You can see my examples below that I shot with my cellphone in front of a window in my apartment.


Rembrandt Light. Look for the key triangle on the side of the face away from the light.

Split Light. The lightΒ  is 90 degrees from the subject. One half the face is dark.

Short Light. Light falls on the side of the face with the features, not the side with the visible ear.

Broad Light. with the face in 3/4 view, the light falls on the side of the face with the visible ear.