Revised Syllabus

Syllabus revisions

Grading FormulaΒ 

This grading formula rewards consistent effort over the semester. There is a homework assignment every week. Please set aside several hours each week to do this assignment. If you complete all the assignments on time, you will do well in the class.Β 

This grading formula is based on a point system. Each activity is awarded a certain number of points towards the final grade. You can at anytime see the points awarded to your assignments in the grade book on Blackboard.

Note that the changes are underlined.

  • Homework: 40 pts. 8 @ 5 pts. If an assignment is done conscientiously and on time, the student will receive the full credit. If the assignment is late, one point will be subtracted for each week it is late.Β 
  • Learning Log: 5 points. Each student will keep a self-reflective blog about his or her own experience in this class. If responses are complete and well considered, full credit will be assigned. The Learning Log is not graded for β€œcorrect content” but for constructive effort.
  • Brooklyn Botanic Garden 1 – 10 pts – work from field trips on 2/28 and 3/6
  • Exercises: 15 pts. Short assignments given each work that can be completed during the class period or before the class that will be due at 2:30 during the class and submitted for review.
  • Final Project – 25 pts – A series of self-portraits or a Still Life Series 
  • Quiz – 5 pts 
  • Extra Credit – 10 pts

The success of this course as a distance learning experience will depend on your participation. While I understand everyone is suffering in many ways right now, please be generous to your classmates and give them your time and attention. Please take the time to comment on their work both in and out of class.

Course Schedule:

March 20-week 7-Digital Darkroom, Critique

Organizing and editing images in Lightroom. Using the Histogram. Workflow. Global adjustments-lens corrections, transform, cropping, white balance, tone, presence. Sharpening.Β 

HW5: Challenge Yourself: One Object

March 27th – unofficial class meeting

April 3-week 8- Exposure, Review

How the meter in your camera works, Exposure compensation, low key and high key imagesΒ 

HW6: Dorothea Lange


Spring Break – No class on April 10


April 17-week 9- Available Light Portraits

HW 7: Window light portraits


April 24-week 10-– Complimentary Portraits

HW8: Portraits


May 1 – week 11- Food Photography

Final Project Shoot 1


May 8 -week 12Β  Digital Darkroom, Final Project Support

Review digital darkroom workflow. Local adjustments.

Final Project: Shoot 2


May 15th – unofficial class – Final Project Support and semester review

May 22-week 15- Quiz and Final Project Presentations