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  1. Motion blur is caused when an object is captured during movement. In other terms, it is the sequence of moving frames. In order to capture motion blur, you need to have a slow shutter speed for camera stability


2. For depth of field, I took a picture of the object in the middle of the counter to create distance between the object and the camera. I created a focal point onto the object of the image and created distance from the lens. The factors that go into creating depth of field are distance, aperture, and focal length.



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4. In terms of composition, Mather Jordan Smith uses methods such as Figure to Ground and Leading Lines. the lines on Samuel Jackson’s suit seems to help the eye of the viewer in directional leading. The greyscaled color in the background seems to imply a sense of the relationship between the figure and the background. There is also diffused light within the photo. In the second photo, Timothy Greenfield-Saunders uses the composition technique known as framing. The frame in which Samuel Jackson presents himself shows the information that he appears to be very wealthy in accessories. The post presented by Samuel helps convey the information within the image, including the composition created by the photographer. The photo also appears to be an example of short light.

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  1. rmichals says:

    1. Good example. Only the blades are blurry while the stationary fixture is sharp.
    2. Good.
    3. the correction added too much color but left the photo still dark in the shadows without much detail there. Use less vibrance and open up the shadows more.
    4. Certainly, Jackson appears more imposing in the Greenfield Saunders photo as he fills the frame more tightly. Also in that photo he contrasts more with the background. In both photos though Jackson is looking straight forward. Becasue his face is not in a 3/4 view it cannot be short light.

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