HW 8 – Portraits

The objective of this assignment is to make your model look as good as possible.

If you have a willing model: have a portrait shoot, select your best shot, re-touch it to create a final image.

Start by photographing your model with window light in the 5 lighting patterns discussed in class: front light, Rembrandt Light, Split Light, broad light and short light. Also so a Β a profile shot. This can be in silhouette or not.

Pay attention to your model’s expression. talk to them and make them feel comfortable.

Put all of these images in an album on Flickr. There should be a minimum of 20. There may be many more.

Select your best shot. This will be determined first by Β expression and then lighting.

Re-touch the portrait using Lightroom to make your model look great.

Post to Flickr and send the before and after to the class group.


If you really do not have a model you can work with and there are many reasons why this might be, then use yourself. You will have to be very creative to make this assignment different than last week’s assignment or the in-class assignment. Try adding a hat or a hoodie to give you something else to work with.