Week 8 – Exposure – How Your Camera Meter Works

Acronym: TTL – Through the Lens

The meter in your camera is a reflected-light meter.

A reflected light meter averages the tones in the scene and selects the aperture and shutter speed values that will make the whole scene medium gray.

Find a piece of black card and a piece of white card. (Something flat that is black or white will do.) Take a picture of each one filling the frame with either black or white using automatic setti

White card
White Card
Blck card
Black Card

Watch from :45 to 1:34 for an explanation of how your camera meter works.

What your camera meter "sees"

What your camera meter “sees” From Photography, 10th Edition, Stone, London, Upton, P. 70

Create a post with the category Week 8 – Exposure. Include your two photos, one of the white card and one of the black card and a state in your own words why the two photos look so similar.

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