Quiz Owen Dennis

1) For motion blur, I had to capture the picture as the train was moving so the people who were walking on the platform would be blurred. I had to set the exposure while the lighting was low and keep my hand steady to be able to create that effect.

2) In order to achieve shallow depth of field , I had to use contour light in portrait mode on my iphone camera so it would only focus on the subject while the background would be blurred. I made sure there weren’t too many things around my subject so the focus would only be on him. Since portrait mode chooses a larger aperture, the depth of field would come out smaller.

3) I increased the exposure by 4, brilliance by 4, highlights by 2, decreased shadows by 7, increased contrast, brightness, and black point by 3.

4) The differences between these two photos include different styles of lights. The left black and white photo of Samuel L. Jackson uses a front light to show more details to his face, while the photo to the right uses a split light making his right side of his body a bit more dramatic. He also has different emotions in both pictures, such as the picture to his left Samuel has his arms crossed with a mad expression, his hat as well is backwards with an angry expression on his face giving off a hostile vibe. The photo to the right has Samuel looking less angry, he almost bites his glasses and shows off his belt maybe trying to look cool for someone he likes.


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  1. rmichals says:

    1. I do see a little motion blur in the figure’s legs. However some of the blur from inside the subway car to across the platform would also be depth of field.
    2. Cameraphone’s have a fixed aperture. Portrait mode simulates shallow depth of field. When you take the photo, the camera’s software decides what is the background and blurs it. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. You can get shallow depth of field with an iPhone without portrait mode by getting close to your subject and zooming in. It is best with details.
    3. Your corrections are so minimal, they make little or not difference.
    4. Yes, the Smith photo of Jackson uses front light. the Greenfield Saunders photo uses Rembrandt light. Your observations about the poses are good. I asked for 4 points of comparison and you wrote about two.

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