5 pts. Put the following elements together into a post. Use the category “quiz”.

Each of the first three questions is worth one point – .5pt for the photo and .5pt for the description.

1. 1 pt. Take and add to the post a photograph that clearly shows motion blur. Describe the factors that control motion blur in photography. what did you need to do to capture motion blur in your photo.

2. 1 pt. Take and add to the post a photograph that clearly shows shallow depth of field. Describe the factors that control depth of field in photography and specifically how you were able to get shallow depth of field working with your camera.

3. 1 pts. Use global adjustments to make this photo look as good as possible. Include in the post below the corrected photo a list of each adjustment made.

Downtown Brooklyn








4. 2 pts. In a paragraph, compare and contrast these two photographs of Samuel Jackson. Make four points of comparison using the composition terms and or portrait lighting styles discussed this semester. (No credit will be given for observations such as one is in black and white and one is in color as this observation does not use any of the compositional principals or lighting styles discussed in this class.)

Photographer: Timothy Greenfield-Saunders

Photographer: Matthew Jordan Smith

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