I set the Camera at 0″5 to get catch a nice smooth motion and also a special effect on the object where the object looks transparent. To get the shot, i rolled the object from left to right while the camera is capturing images.


To get a nice blur in the background, I set the camera on portrait mode and I also used a macro lens.  The focus point was on the camera lens, making the background blurry; creating a nice shallow depth of field.


Exposure: +.96
Contrast:   -100
Shadows:  +36
Whites:     +100
Blacks:      -41
Texture:    -100

4) There are many differences between the two photos.  The photo on the left uses black and white to set an angry mood of the model.  The model presents a fierce and angry look and it is strengthen by his crossed arm and it goes well with the black and white setting.  The lighting was set at the front, and it gives more details and also a focus to his face.  His shoulders are tense and it doesn’t look like he is comfortable.
The photo on the right is very different.  There is color on this photo and its setting a nice calm mood.  To complement the mood, the photographer uses a soft light from the right, giving more depth of the model, the light also gives the model a smooth texture.  The model does not appear to be angry because of his body gesture.  His shoulder is lower, meaning he is calm and comfortable.  He is also holding his glasses and his belt, showing he is relax.




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  1. rmichals says:

    1. good. .5 sec is long enough to get motion blur.
    2. good. Preety bokeh.
    3. Well done.
    4. nicely stated. The correlation between mood and b/w is an interesting thought.

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