For the “ white angel bread line”,the strong black and white tone makes me feel depressed, and the expression of the characters in photo clearly shows this atmosphere. The hats cover the top half of photo. People wear deep clothes that makes the frame more gloomy. The photo used the composition between center and the rule of third. That is a crowded bread line. A person stands toward that contrast between others’ back.His helpless expression and clenched hands may indicate that he is worried about getting food. The seemingly empty silver jar on his chest contrasted with his dark clothes.

“Migrant Mother”, just from the mother’s sad face there was a sense of empathy. This center composition that the mother stands out the middle of photo. It gives a contrast between her and her children. There is a child sleeping in her arms.They look untidy and even have stains on the children’s faces. The thin face and wrinkles looked like life had been very hard.I think Lange wants people to feel sympathy that help them.

These two photos indicate that people were suffering in the great depression. However, compare to “Migrant Mother”, people in “ white angel bread line” look neatly dressed crown. And the “Migrant mother” did not have any aid before the photo posted.The photo shooting has both advantages and disadvantages, it can cause more attention to help them, people can no longer suffer. But when the attention is too much, it will affect their lives, and someone may even go to interview them.But I think it’s worth it on the whole because nothing is more important than escaping suffering.

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