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#1:This is the example of motion blur. To shoot a motion blur photo, we need to set up a slow shutter speed such as 1/30 to 1/100 while the object is fast moving.And if we close to the object, it … Continue reading

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week 9

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For the “ white angel bread line”,the strong black and white tone makes me feel depressed, and the expression of the characters in photo clearly shows this atmosphere. The hats cover the top half of photo. People wear deep clothes … Continue reading

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before                                                                  after

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Different side of window light

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With and without fill Depth of field   background matter

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the different between two photos is the exposure from 0 to 3. when I shot photo with enough light, I rather to make it darker to stand out the detail. if the exposure is too high, it may effect the … Continue reading

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