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1) I set the Camera at 0″5 to get catch a nice smooth motion and also a special effect on the object where the object looks transparent. To get the shot, i rolled the object from left to right while … Continue reading

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It was a sad week when I found out all my classes will be done online.Β  I miss the interactions between professors and my fellow classmates. I learn a lot from our group works and learning from each other.Β  Also, … Continue reading

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Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Today was a wonderful experience at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. We got to test out how camera skill but at a faster paste.Β  I got to play with my shutter speed to make sure I was able to take wonderful … Continue reading

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This week I got to learn more about my camera and how I can capture motion by simply adjusting the shutter speed and the ISO to make sure I am capturing the details.Β  I did many tests runs on which … Continue reading

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Lighting Direction

Today I learned to use a soft box and how important it is to place it in the right position.Β  I was able to cast shadows in ways I want it to be. And if I place the light behind … Continue reading

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My first day of class was wonderful! When I heard we were only taking a photo of a chair, my thoughts were β€œhow creative can I really be”? β€œAre there really many ways to take photos of a chair”? and … Continue reading

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HW 6 Dorothea Lange

β€œWhite Angel Bread Line” by Dorothea Lange was taken during the Great Depression in San Francisco, 1933.Β  This photo really shows how much pain and struggles they had to go through.Β  There were many elements that contributed to this powerful … Continue reading

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Food Photography

I decided to use my stairs for the woodsy background to make it look like it’s actually taken at the restaurant.

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