HW 1 Owen Dennis

Photograph: https://www.suzannesteinphoto.com/New-York/i-SMHSKz8/A

The name of the photograph is “R Train Platform, 59th and Central Park” by Suzanne Stein

This photograph depicts a couple kissing on the right side of the frame. I’m assuming they’re the main subject of the picture because the rest of the picture is a little blurred. While there are people on the left side of the frame sitting in a subway station. I think the purpose of this image is to illustrate a couple being affectionate in public, the woman is holding a big bouquet of flowers, while the other people are just minding their business. No one is paying attention to the couple, however one of the ladies is staring at the camera while the image was taken.  I think the mood the photographer to capture is a somewhat “New York” feeling. New Yorkers are known to simply mind their business and that’s exactly what the photograph is portraying.

The three formal elements I think are the most important are Rule of thirds, leading lines, and fill the frame. The main focus in the photograph is the couple kissing. I think this picture is a good example of the rule of thirds since the couple is not exactly in the middle of the frame. For leading lines, I think the wall on the left is a good example of it because the shapes on the wall kind of lead you to the couple. Lastly, I chose fill the frame because the couple is relatively close to the camera compared to the others on the left in the background.

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