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Hi my name is SALAM SECK, I am from West Africa Senegal. I am 29 and I will be 30 in December 8th. I have my associates in electrical engineer and I am a senior student. Now I am going for my bachelor in telecommunication engineer.

I came here to improve my life by going to school and working to pay my bills, rent and tuition. Trying to help myself succeed no matter how hard it will be. I live alone without parents or family members. I am a par-time student and work part-time in order to have enough time to take care of my needs, having more time to do my homework. I am interesting in basketball and soccer games. Going to the movie every week or every two weeks to enjoy myself. I go every other day to gym and playing soccer or basketball. I really have a good experience in Citytech because I am almost graduating and I learned a lot in this school with the help of all the teachers without exception whether I had a good or bad grade in the class. Well during the summer break nothing did change except going to school. I was working, going to gym, movie and playing soccer or basketball game.



“MoneyMakingMaisha’s” Introduction

531916_10151741273336274_435327143_nHi my name is Maisha and my interest are my personal advancements in healthcare. I aspire to be a Health Services Administrator in the near future. I hope to administrate or manage a healthcare facility in which I would be giving back to the community with great service. My hobbies consist of higher education, working extra hours at work, singing in church, occasionally internet surfing and social media, attending concerts and comedy shows along with spending quality time with family.

Since 2009, I am a returning student at New York City College of Technology and my experiences at the college have been somewhat challenging, motivating but very exciting all at the same time. This past summer I didn’t travel anywhere. Instead I stayed home and enjoyed the school free days and spent lots of time with family. For this current semester I intend on studying hard and achieving good grades in all my classes.

As a writer I am not very confident of my skills. I feel I take extremely too long to express my feelings. I often misspell words and tend to have some grammatical errors that I am not proud of. For example, describing details as to what, when, why, where, or how something took place and how it affected me can be challenging. I dislike writing simply because it takes way too long to think of what I am going to write and I don’t like anything that takes too long. Nevertheless, one of my main reasons for returning back to school was to improve my basic skills in reading, writing, and math and things seem to be going very well.

On the topic of technology; I have minimal knowledge in technology. However, my technical knowledge consists of knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and other forms of Medical billing software and interfaces. I assume that a technical writing course would consist of tools that are essential in the world today. Case in point, resumes, cover letters, blogs, and other forms of media are all used to market oneself. I expect that to learn the necessary writing skills needed for the career world.


about_portrait       Hello,

My name is Kenneth but friends call me Kenny. I am very motivated and quite ambitious. I strive to be the best beyond my abilities. I feel that we all can be better and do better than what we think we are capable of. I am very health conscious. I am also very much into sports like Soccer, Tennis, Handball, and most of all I am a bit of a martial art enthusiast. Being involved in different activities allows me to become a better person. It allows me to have great concentration and focus skills. It give me a drive to motivate myself in striving to accomplish what I set out to accomplish. I desire greatness so I always aim to fix my mistakes and learn from it.

My experiences in City Tech has been a great tool that helps me improve my knowledge within my field of study. Learning from various subjects like Advertising, web design, illustration and animation helped me broaden my knowledge and skill. Using what I have learned, I aim to develop my own path within the industry of advertising as an animator or game designer.

After a long battle of 5 major classes last semester, I reward myself with a long refreshing rest over the winter break. Spending time with my loved ones and as well as friends, made me feel renewed and fresh. With a long senior year ahead, I know my classes will be tough, mind straining, and stressful. However, I am prepared to tackle it in full throttle. This semester, I strive to pass all of my classes with great marks. I Look forward to work as an animator or game artist/designer.


People often ask me if I love writing. Several years ago, I loved writing, particularly poetry. But as I got more involved with my major I stopped writing. As a writer, my skill is above average. I have my faults like misspelled words, punctuation errors but these are because I often over look some words while I type. So to sum up, I need to remember to prof read my work. When writing, I often found it annoying to think of what to write or how to write what I want to say in a more simplified manner. My Mac (Apple) is my best friend so as a result, you will find me on a Mac using one of the software. Technical writing involves writing detailed what you are trying to say from step one to the last step. From the word Advance career writing, I am expect to get a more advance base feel of writing. A more business like way of communicating among piers.



I am named Janet and my born day is October 9th, which makes my zodiac sign – LIBRA! I am not a big fan of the whole horoscope sign but hey, if it is a positive trait I’ll take it. My parents migrated here in the early 80’s from Mexico which makes me a Chicana (Mexican born in the U.S). I have two siblings- Michael, 23 years old & Kevin that turned 21 years old on February 1st. I am the eldest.

I am in the process of rediscovering myself if that makes sense. I want to get more into sports and learn football, soccer, basketball and maybe a little baseball. I don’t want to learn just rules of the game I want to know the players and the teams’ history all that good interesting stuff. I also want to get into gaming, initially I felt games were lame and not cool but it seems that the gaming world is really kicking up now. I have zero experience in this and well, it is pretty embarrassing I feel. The only gaming consoles I ever owned were Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and Nintendo. Clearly, I need to step up my gaming skills but I do not where to start or what games should I look into. I also want to get into art, painting to be exact on a canvass and want to learn some type of exotic dance classes J hey, why not?

I feel I am an average writer. I dislike quoting and constructing a works cited page. As for how technologically advanced I am, well I am sure I am not too advanced I am mostly aware of the basics. I am definitely incapable of building a computer or constructing a website but would definitely like to learn how to do a website also. Not all writing is the same however, this we know by the way we respond to a text message vs. a job email offering or a paper assignment due to class. I imagine technical writing is becoming familiar with the various instruments of writing and which one is more adequate for a written response. I hope to learn how to format my writing objects especially like blogging and or just becoming a better-rounded individual in today’s ever changing society.


Yekaterina Elterman

My name is Yekaterina but everyone calls me Kathy. I moved to America when I was 6 years old from Odessa, Ukraine. I spend a lot of time with my daughter. She’s turning 2 in April and she is the apple of my eye. I’m a single mom and can’t say that it’s been an easy road but I would do anything for my child. I spent the end of 2014 preparing for my divorce as well starting my fall semester at City Tech. It wasn’t an easy task but something that needed to done. I spent winter break mainly working because I am a workaholic and taking my daughter to as many new aquariums and museums that I was able to find. I am very family oriented I pride myself that. This semester I am planning to take as many classes towards my degree so that I can graduate and hopefully apply to Law School.
I can’t say that I have any real strengths as a writer because that is not what I do. My weakness is that I have trouble starting a writing assignment. I don’t really enjoy writing because I have a hard time starting and finishing an assignment. I don’t have any background in technology except that I use a computer at work. I honestly do not know what technical writing is. I would assume that it is very detailed. I am hoping that I will learn how to write an amazing cover letter. I have never written one before because there was no need.


Hi, I am Teresa Yeung.  My Chinese name is Wai Yee.   My dad had passed away for long time and only my mom calls me Wai Yee these days.   My co-workers, siblings and friends all call me Teresa.   I have great interests in reading news and articles of various kinds.   I want to be a great writer and stories teller to the young kids.   I had some good and some bad experience with CityTech during the last few years.   The best thing about it is that many professors of my classes in the past had been very kind, supportive and encouraging in my student and career life.  It broadened my views and I always enjoyed the process of learning.  The bad thing is that the my major’s department did not give much support or advise to part-time students like me, especially in registering classes.   I like to travel to see and experience different countries’ people and culture.  This summer, I intend to continue my studies and take a class in Summer and, if time permits, pay a brief visit to a neighboring city before the next semester begins.

I do not speak native English or write perfect English but I have genuine interest in reading, exploring facts and writing.   I believe writing skills and writing style can be developed and improved over time.   Technical writing is rather new to me.   Honestly, I initially do not feel very comfortable to write and communicate with the public – the strangers. However, I am interested in learning all the latest techniques in writing, which can help me stay connected with others, get to know each other better, and seek help whenever I need it.

Katherine Pena- Introduction


My name is Katherine Pena, I am 21 yrs. old and a junior at New York City College of Technology. My experience at City Tech has led to some ups and downs, but I believe that so far I have been exposed to a variety of amazing professors who’ve helped me rekindle my love for everything design! My interests are mainly graphic design, photography, writing, baseball, cinematography, and lastly browsing the internet. If I’m not at school or dabbling on the adobe suite programs, I am working at Yankee Stadium. I’ve loved the Yankees and baseball in general since I was a kid, so working in a stadium filled with energy and diehard fans is always a good time. I am not really a fan of other sports but I will watch the occasional basketball game. Most of my past couple of summers (as well as spring and early fall) was spent at the stadium, and of course the earnings went to buying things such as my new SDLR and computer. Oddly enough I have a twin sister who shares almost my exact same interests. She’s also a communication design major.

Before design became my passion, I dreamed of being a writer. When I was in the 6th grade, I wrote stories on the internet for fun and sometimes for feedback. Due to those stories I became interested in fan art and later stumbled upon the world of design. I then began experimenting on paintshop pro and Photoshop.  Although those designs were hideously ugly, I knew it was I wanted to do. Although, I’d like to think I’ve gotten better by now! Now, writing is something I like to do on my free time. I admire authors who are able to beautifully bring an idea to life with great execution. As a writer, I believe my strengths would have to be for the most part my spelling and organizing and developing logical ideas. My weaknesses are most definitely failing to write a thorough conclusion and also introducing my ideas in my introduction. Unfortunately, I tend to have poor time management, mostly focusing on my body paragraphs, and often ending my essays abruptly.

What I enjoy most about writing would have to be character development. Creating versatile characters with completely different identities is very fun.  What I dislike about writing would have to be failing at accurately transitioning your thoughts onto paper. It’s very easy to lose track of your thought process or even go off the rail completely. My background with technology is fairly intermediate since most of my interests include using a computer or other technological devices. I use to be an IT intern in high school and we learned how to properly identify computer components/hardware. When it comes to software I am fairly knowledge with adobe programs and some Microsoft programs such as windows. I’d really like to learn more about other Microsoft programs. I believe technical writing would have to do with business writing like resumes or office documents most likely drafted on computers. My expectations for this course would have to be to learn about the business aspect of writing (resumes, coverletters,etc) and how to properly create them. type

Aaron McIntosh


My name is Aaron McIntosh, a Junior-level Communications Design student with a module in Web Design/Development. I’m into a wide variety of music, particularly Hardcore Punk. My hobbies/interests include illustration, animation, film, and the study of world cultures. I have a special scholarly(and to a large extent, practical) interest in Occultism and I’m very much into the study of spiritual systems the world over; my personal favorites are Eastern spiritual systems/practices such as Buddhism in general, Taoism, Zen Buddhism in particular, and certain aspects of Hindu philosophic thought, such as the Vedanta. I’m also a bookworm, and an avid reader and hardcore video gamer since I was very young.
My experiences here at City Tech have been very positive. I’ve studied here on-and-off since I was 17, straight out of Franklin K Lane high school in 1997. I started as a Graphic Design student for a semester, and was on a waiting list for Pratt Institute. I was called, and after a semester left and studied there for two years. I came back in 2001, and continued on as an Art/Advertising Design student for about two semesters. I had some personal life issues that made it difficult for me to continue my studies with full concentrated focus, and so I left to take care of a few things. After some time I finally decided to re-enroll last year in the fall of 2014, with full commitment and intent to finish up my bachelor’s degree, continue to develop my skills and move on towards my career.
Over the Summer, I pretty much just worked, visited family in Toronto I hadn’t visited in a very long time, had fun, and prepared to come back to school.
As a writer, I’d say I have a pretty solid set of skills, which I suppose largely comes from and supplements the fact I’ve been a hardcore bookworm for most of my life. For a good few years I’ve also been somewhat of a songwriter, so I’ve had lots of practice. As for my strengths, I’ve got a pretty extensive vocabulary and can be creatively expressive in a multitude of ways. I enjoy just about everything about writing, whether with pen/pad or in digital form. I’ve always been a really quiet, introverted type of person, so I guess writing provides me with the sort of expressive relief and joy I typically don’t get in a social sense. All in all, I really love reading, and I really love writing.
My background with technology is extensive, and mostly self-taught. As I mentioned before, I’m a long-time gamer, starting with the Atari 2600 back when I was about the age of 8. Since then I’ve not only moved along with the technological advances of console systems, but in 1997 at the age of 17, I got my first computer as a graduation gift. Since then I’ve made myself very familiar with the PC environment, getting my hands into the guts of the hardware as I began to teach myself the ins and outs of computer hardware and software.

I get the sense that technical writing is the creation of documents for the purpose of business/professional use. I’m not sure how accurate that is, but that’s what I intuit it as meaning. My expectations for this class? I expect that I will leave here at the end of the semester with a greater understanding of, and ability to write in a professional setting.



Kurtis – Introduction


My name is Kurtis Wallace. I am 22 years old and I want to be in the advertising business. Ever since I was a little kid I’ve always had an interest in commercials and other forms of advertising. My one hobby that I enjoy doing is drawing, mostly sketches in pencil. I don’t write very often but two of my strengths are that I use good grammar in my writing and I have great spelling skills. My one weakness in writing is probably my punctuation. I dislike writing long drawn out explanations unless the subject that I am writing about is interesting to me.  Usually I get straight to the point in my writing. Majoring in advertising has allowed me the opportunity  to work in many different programs. The three that I am most skilled at using are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign and Adobe Illustrator. These three programs make up most of my technological background. I use these three programs to make posters, billboards and book covers.


Technical writing sounds like writing multiple paragraphs on a particular subject in great detail. The phrase “getting technical” means to go into specifics usually about a person, place, thing or idea. I’m assuming that this advanced career writing class will help to inform me about what technical writing is and how to use it. Going forward I will probably use this skill to help me get an internship and then a career.


About Winston Aitken

Good night everyone, my name is Winston Aitken and my major is Electrical Engineering in Technology. This is my second semester in this school, so I don’t have a lot of experience at city tech yet because I only had two classes last semester. I am currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree. I like to play and watch soccer and another sport called cricket. I also like listening to reggae music. My favorite band is called Chronixx and the Zinc Fence. Last summer, I visited the Statue of Liberty, and a few weeks ago, I went ice skating for the first time. I had a lot of fun. My plans for this summer is to go somewhere that I never been before, maybe Last Vegas.

As a writer, I will say my strength is good grammar and punctuations. Secondly, I think most people find my writing to be interesting because I try to make it genuine and fun; on the other hand, my weakness is writing too much, for example five pages, because I run out of ideas sometimes. I enjoy writing about something interesting, or entertaining because I will have a lot of ideas on that topic I can expressed. Even though I am more of a math person, I do not dislike anything about writing, except for writing several pages about something that is uneventful. I have a firm background in technology. It doesn’t take me a long time to understand technology. My sense of technical writing was that this class will be doing most our writing using computers. In addition, we might be doing some kind of hybrid discussion on blackboard. My expectation for this class is exactly what the course description states which is to develop enough knowledge, skills and processes that will be necessary to create different types of documents under constraints that I will need in the future, and participate in “intellectual life” of this class, which will make me even more prepared to go into the professional workforce