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Proposal Assignments & Outline

Group name

  • Valerien Yepes
  • Katherine Pena
  • Winston Aitken
  • Surendra Khadka


Valerien Yepes

She will be doing section D which is Project Outcomes / Return on Investment

Katherine Pena

She will be doing section C which is Project Overview and Strategy

Winston Aitken

He will be doing section B which is Statement of Need/Problem

Surendra Khadka

He will be doing section A(Executive Summary) and E(conclusion)

Proposal Assignments & Outline. Serious 5.

Group Name: Serious 5

Proposal Issue: Parking lot for students

Group members: Yekaterina Elterman, Janet Cazares, Sarabjit Singh, Kurtis Wallace, Dayna Rios.

  1. Executive Summary= Kurtis Wallace
  2. Will break down a do an overall summarization of the proposal and why we are proposing it in the first place.
  3. Statement of Need/Problem= Janet Cazares
  4. Will briefly explain the issue along with the severity of the problem itself and why one of our solutions is needed.
  5. Project Overview and Strategy= Sarabjit Singh
  6. Will write a clear idea of the project and what can be done to achieve it.
  7. Project Outcomes/ Return on Investment= Dayna Rios
  8. Will describe all of the factors and results that will come out of the project. Such as, how the attendance will improve in classes because the students will then be able to come to class comfortably and on time. Many questions will be approached such as, how much time will the students save if they were able to drive to school? How much money could the students potentially save by driving to school? How will the overall attendance of the students compare to how it could be with a parking lot? Every possible result that can be calculated will be answered.
  9. Conclusion: Yekaterina Elterman
  10. Will give an overall finishing statement to all of our data and end the report.

Project Outline (Jessie Uruchima, Teresa W Yeung, Dorothy Canton, and Wenyu Kuang)

1. Your group name–something creative!

JTDK Resolve Group

2. The group member names. Please note any group members who were absent today.

Jessie Uruchima, Teresa W Yeung, Dorothy Canton, and Wenyu Kuang

3. A breakdown of each group member’s assigned work.

• Dorothy – Executive Summary
• Jessie – Project Overview and Strategy & Conclusion
• Teresa – Statement of Need/Problem
• Wen – Project Outcomes / Return on Investment

Meeting Minutes for Group project of “VKSW SOLUTIONS”

Meeting Minutes for Group project of “VKSW SOLUTIONS”

After the group discussion on 4/30/2015, we identified a problem and a solution for our proposal which is listed below.

Problem: We are not well-prepared after college, therefore it is harder to find jobs having no experience.


Solution: More opportunities for internships and connections

Detail discussion points for solutions are below.

  • Job fairs – we need more opportunities & the efficient ones.
  • Internships –need more, paid ones, and better ones.
  • Better communications for job fairs.
  • Workshops – that prepares us for the real world.

Group project “VKSW SOLUTIONS”



Company Owners:

  • Valerien Yepes
  • Katherine Pena
  • Winston Aitken
  • Surendra Khadka



  1. Longer timeframe for graduation and classes fill up fast.
  2. We are not well-prepared after college, it’s harder to find jobs having no experience.
  3. Need a better curriculum
  4. Computers are old as well as textbooks and lab equipment.
  5. Need a better study area

Potential Solutions

  1. More sections for majors; summer and winter classes for our departments
  2. More opportunities for internships and connections
  3. More professional faculties needed. (Advisors, professors, and administration)
  4. Better technological resources (computers and online resources)
  5. Longer library and computer lab hours

Proposals KZ KE SS

  1. Tech school needs investment in to tech equipment
  2. Need to update course instructors and course programs   (adv and gam)
  3. more practical and applicable courses
  4. self defense classes in gym
  5. better accessible  WIFI
  6. Psychological and health improvement  ( Health Center)


Komron Zokhidov

Salam Seck

Kenneth Edegbe


Advancing Technology at NYCCT

Aaron McIntosh, Josh Rojas, Maisha Price

, Peter Junot



1) Lack of advanced, competitive technology; engineering, communications, machinery.

– A larger budget, and highly trained professors are needed to foster innovative technological growth within the school.

2) Shortage of academic support; student advisors and staff along with creating more partnerships with businesses to produce internship programs for students. – We need to network with more businesses in order to provide them with more opportunities upon graduation.

3) More lab hours are needed. Also, labs are typically old and outdated.

– We need to extend lab hours to satisfy the needs of students who need more practical hands-on time. Also the equipment needs to be replaced with new and modern resources.

4) The Cunyfirst website is very convoluted and difficult to use, particularly for new users.

-Redesign Cunyfirst website. Make it more streamlined and user-friendly.

5) The school could use  a greater push towards providing a more expanded entertainment/performing arts curriculum.

-We need to bring in trained professors to teach the curriculum, and also invest in expanded facilities.


*In order to advance the quality of the school as a whole, we need to apply for grants and greater funding to accommodate any applicable new curriculums and upgrades.

Problems & Solutions: Connect 4

Group Name: Connect 4
Group Members: Melissa Bonnick, Timothy Colon, William Hargett, Ajani Treadwell

Problem: Not enough night and weekend classes for degrees
Solutions: More online courses
Fundraising to hire more adjunct and night / weekend teachers
Allow online override approvals to take another class when the one you need is not available

Problem: Better wifi / internet connection. The connection is very hard to complete and then the connection itself is spotty at best.
Solution: Change service.
Get wifi company to sponsor the school / offer free easily connectable wifi
Utilize something similar to Starbucks wifi, where you just login in proximity to the buildings, no need to download software

Problem: Computer Lab Hours. Not late enough. Does not have hours that allow for everyone to use computers when they are free
Solution: Allow equipment rentals so people do not need to come to the school to use computers
Extend computer hours to midnight, get staff to work in the labs at night (work-study students)

Problem: Too much free time between classes
Solution: Class schedules closer together, less of a gap between classes
Add additional classes, to be able to take in between other courses.
Offer block classes so you don’t have to register for all classes separately, but rather an entire module.

Problem: Nutritional snacks in the vending machine
Solution: Add additional vending machines that only have nutritional or microwable healthy snacks
Add a juice bar to the cafeteria