Yekaterina Elterman

My name is Yekaterina but everyone calls me Kathy. I moved to America when I was 6 years old from Odessa, Ukraine. I spend a lot of time with my daughter. She’s turning 2 in April and she is the apple of my eye. I’m a single mom and can’t say that it’s been an easy road but I would do anything for my child. I spent the end of 2014 preparing for my divorce as well starting my fall semester at City Tech. It wasn’t an easy task but something that needed to done. I spent winter break mainly working because I am a workaholic and taking my daughter to as many new aquariums and museums that I was able to find. I am very family oriented I pride myself that. This semester I am planning to take as many classes towards my degree so that I can graduate and hopefully apply to Law School.
I can’t say that I have any real strengths as a writer because that is not what I do. My weakness is that I have trouble starting a writing assignment. I don’t really enjoy writing because I have a hard time starting and finishing an assignment. I don’t have any background in technology except that I use a computer at work. I honestly do not know what technical writing is. I would assume that it is very detailed. I am hoping that I will learn how to write an amazing cover letter. I have never written one before because there was no need.

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