Mini-Job Search


Due: By in class on Thursday, Feb. 19.

  1. You must begin by searching for jobs in the career you are most interested in. For this exercise, you need to find at least 15 job postings. Cut and paste the links for those particular listings into a blog post categorized as “Mini-Job Search”
  2. In that same blog post, write a post reflecting on your mini job search this past week. After you look through a number of job ads (minimum 15) in your field/industry, you should be able to discuss your sense of what employers in this area are looking for in potential candidates. Synthesize/summarize your findings from the various job ads.

Questions to answer (in any order)

About You:

  • What are your main qualifications, strengths, skills, and areas of expertise?
  • What position(s)—or type of position—are you seeking?
  • What are some of your professional goals?
  • What type of organization or work setting are you most interested in?

About Employers (synthesize answers based on what most commonly appeared on your job listings):

  • What qualifications and skills are most desired by employers in your field?
  • What positions are available on the job market? What are they titled?
  • What are some goals of these organizations that interest you?
  • What kinds of organizations are now hiring?
  • What kind of content-specific skills do they want?
  • What kind of communication (written, verbal, etc.) do they want?
  • How do you think your education here at City Tech and your hands-on work experience (perhaps as an intern or in another type of job) has prepared you (or not prepared you) to meet these employers’ needs?

This post is due—must be submitted—during our class on Thursday, Feb. 19.

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