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Surendra Khadka

Hi everyone,

This is Surendra Khadka. I was born and raised in Nepal, Southeast Asia. I love to listen to the music especially from Bollywood, Indian movies. I like to sing as well; but i am a bathroom singer 🙂 . I follow politics, especially, international affairs. In free time, i like to read world history, which gives us the idea where we are and how we came here.

I Came to New York in 2006 and living here since then. I have joined Bachelor in Telecommunications Engineering Technology in CityTech as a part-time student in 2008. Because I work full-time, I took classes only in the evenings. As you may know, being first generation immigrant in the United States is not easy. The journey in CityTech wasn’t easy as well. Especially in my major, I have noticed less numbers of students, and therefore, there was only one open session per course. And, if you add meeting per-requisites and co-requisites scenario, it took me almost eight years for a four year degree. Finally, this is my last semester. Finding a job related to my major is my primary goal at this point. This summer, after graduation, i am planning to go visit Nepal. Then, as soon as i come back I’ll quit my current job and find a new one.

As a writer, I am not the person who can articulate things and go around the subject matter and make a long/large statements. I can certainly write; but kind of short and sweet. I do like to write. Once i write down your ideas or take about the subject matter is there. I feel a sense of achievement. But, i certainly don’t like those 7 pages long type of paper that we are required to write in English composition classes. That’s pretty long.

Regarding using technologies, i have knowledge of computer hardware and software. i know basics of few programming languages. I do use Smartphone as well. I have experience of using Microsoft Office at my work for past 7 years.

Technical writing- I think this course is similar to the one i took few semester ago. I this course includes writing a memo, letter, email, report etc. anything that will be needed in business environment. I hove to learn these stuff well and use these knowledge and skills throughout my career.

I will be interacting with you n other posts throughout the semester. Thank You for your time to read this post!


Peter Junot

Hello, all

my name is Peter Junot. I am a telecommunication engineering student. this my second semester here. I enjoy reading, writing and investing. I am taking this particular because it is a requirement. moreover, I also taking this course because it can help me express through writing.

Wenyu Kuang

Hello Class. My name is Wenyu. I have enrolled in the Communication Design curriculum for 5 years. I am major in Web Design. I didn’t naturally start my interests to become an art/design student. It was my friend who got me into studying in this curriculum. Ever since then, I have been passionate about the things I learn. Beside learning and working on web design, I have also re-started my bicycling since last summer. My experience with bicycle started way back when I was a 4th grade before I was even in New York. I rode to school everyday. In addition, I utilize my knowledge in web and build my biking weblog. The blog is not fully complete yet. There are many aspects that I need to improve. As for my career goal,  I am working for real clients in my other Design Team course which the projects are very meaningful. It could be become my opportunity to land a career in a middle web design firm.

I don’t think I have much strength in writings because It takes more procedures for me to write something down in the English language. Because of that, I can’t say I would enjoy writing. I only write when I have to. My experience with technologies begin when I first see people playing games on the PC back in the 1995. Now, the games are getting more beautiful and graphical. But I become more interest in the editing and rendering tools that goes behind them. Throughout my education and the daily use of computing, I have become familiar with photoshop, illustrator, indesgin, dream weaver, premier pro, text wrangler and much more. So for me, I would like to learn to write a resume that goes with my expertise.

Komron Z

Hi there.

My name is Komron and I am from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Central Asia, Former Soviet State. I major in Electrical Engineering and work as Telecommunications/Electronics Specialist at Coney Island. Carrier goal is to obtain P.E license in Electrical Engineering.  Hobby is work and summer is work intense season so i haven’t had summer break for last 5 years. Love all kind of movies, science fiction books especially Warhammer 40k series.

My weakness in an any academic course is procrastination. I hate in class essays because all good ideas come to me after i leave the class. When i write essays at home i procrastinate till 12 AM day it dues.Technical Writing is ability properly respond on work email, job proposals, composing cover letters and resumes. I expect this class to be more practical and applicable to real world than just writing essays  301.



Ajani’s Intro

Good Evening Class,

My name is Ajani Treadwell. I am a Graphic Art Production Management major here at City Tech. Hopefully this well be my last year. I plan on becoming a Production Manager for a publication once I’m done with school. Currently, I work for a printing company as a Prepress Operator, which is what kept me occupied this past winter. Working in a printing environment has given me the technical experience needed for my career path. Once I get my degree, it should be easier to obtain a job with a major publication. I’m fairly comfortable with technology, although I must confess that I stay away from social media (I do have a Linkedin Page though).

To be honest, writing is not my strong point. Although I believe I’m extremely creative, I tend to procrastinate doing my development. However I do enjoy the freedom of expression that writing allows. The ability to visualize what the writer is expressing without seeing any pictures is a skill that great writers have. Unfortunately, this leave the writer to be criticize by the reader if the idea are not clearly understood.  Writing skills are a necessity to the communications fields like publications. I believe technical writing is about learning the proper ways to write, including appropriate language and formats regardless of the situation. I hope to learn how to develop better writing skills, so I can express myself better.