Aaron McIntosh


My name is Aaron McIntosh, a Junior-level Communications Design student with a module in Web Design/Development. I’m into a wide variety of music, particularly Hardcore Punk. My hobbies/interests include illustration, animation, film, and the study of world cultures. I have a special scholarly(and to a large extent, practical) interest in Occultism and I’m very much into the study of spiritual systems the world over; my personal favorites are Eastern spiritual systems/practices such as Buddhism in general, Taoism, Zen Buddhism in particular, and certain aspects of Hindu philosophic thought, such as the Vedanta. I’m also a bookworm, and an avid reader and hardcore video gamer since I was very young.
My experiences here at City Tech have been very positive. I’ve studied here on-and-off since I was 17, straight out of Franklin K Lane high school in 1997. I started as a Graphic Design student for a semester, and was on a waiting list for Pratt Institute. I was called, and after a semester left and studied there for two years. I came back in 2001, and continued on as an Art/Advertising Design student for about two semesters. I had some personal life issues that made it difficult for me to continue my studies with full concentrated focus, and so I left to take care of a few things. After some time I finally decided to re-enroll last year in the fall of 2014, with full commitment and intent to finish up my bachelor’s degree, continue to develop my skills and move on towards my career.
Over the Summer, I pretty much just worked, visited family in Toronto I hadn’t visited in a very long time, had fun, and prepared to come back to school.
As a writer, I’d say I have a pretty solid set of skills, which I suppose largely comes from and supplements the fact I’ve been a hardcore bookworm for most of my life. For a good few years I’ve also been somewhat of a songwriter, so I’ve had lots of practice. As for my strengths, I’ve got a pretty extensive vocabulary and can be creatively expressive in a multitude of ways. I enjoy just about everything about writing, whether with pen/pad or in digital form. I’ve always been a really quiet, introverted type of person, so I guess writing provides me with the sort of expressive relief and joy I typically don’t get in a social sense. All in all, I really love reading, and I really love writing.
My background with technology is extensive, and mostly self-taught. As I mentioned before, I’m a long-time gamer, starting with the Atari 2600 back when I was about the age of 8. Since then I’ve not only moved along with the technological advances of console systems, but in 1997 at the age of 17, I got my first computer as a graduation gift. Since then I’ve made myself very familiar with the PC environment, getting my hands into the guts of the hardware as I began to teach myself the ins and outs of computer hardware and software.

I get the sense that technical writing is the creation of documents for the purpose of business/professional use. I’m not sure how accurate that is, but that’s what I intuit it as meaning. My expectations for this class? I expect that I will leave here at the end of the semester with a greater understanding of, and ability to write in a professional setting.



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