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NYC Tech Profiles (Maisha Price)


Product/Service: ZocDoc is a company that provides patients with free online access to healthcare services.  ZocDoc was created to solve patient problems and improve the modern healthcare experience.  Patients can sign in to gain access.

Founder/Co-Founders: Cyrus Massoumi is CEO and founder of ZocDoc.  ZocDoc was created in or around 2007 when Cyrus Massoumi ruptured his eardrum and spent four days searching for a doctor.

Office/Headquarters: The headquarters of ZocDoc is located at 568 Broadway #901, New York, NY 10012.

Products/Services:  The service provides millions of patients with physician ratings, medical services, physician appointment times, and appointment booking without the phone calls or month-long wait to book an appointment.

Method of Making Money:  Healthcare providers who partner with ZocDoc pay a subscription fee for ZocDoc’s service.  In turn ZocDoc help providers increase the efficiency of their practices, fill their last minute cancellations, and provide prompt medical care to patients.

Target Customers:  Patients or anyone in need of healthcare services.

How many current users/customers, etc: An exact number of users/customers were not listed.  Currently, ZocDoc serves more than 40% of the US population, across 2,000+ cities. We’re continually expanding our service to new cities and towns according to patient demand.

How does the company advertise its product/services?  They use social channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, and word of mouth.  Journalist are encourage to visit their Press page for coverage information.

Competitors/Competitive Advantage: ZocDoc has opened the doors for other companies, such as iMedicalApps,, and

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Maisha Price (Cover Letter)

Maisha Price

1500 Jay Street, Apt. #1A

Brooklyn, NY 11203

(347) 555-5555


February 26, 2015


NYU Langone Medical Center

The Employment Office

560 First Avenue, Box# 251

New York, NY 10016


RE: Job ID: 1022794_RR00001941


To Whom It May Concern,

I am responding to the announcement of the professional vacancy for Clinical Analyst/Data Manager.  The requirements of the position are relevant to my knowledge and skills and therefore I have enclosed my resume for your review.

I am seeking an organization that is driven to excellence and promotes professional development and growth based on an employee’s performance, dedication, and work ethnic.  I have found that upward mobility is exercised within NYU Langone Medical Center and I am excited at the chance to partake in the career opportunities that your facility has to offer.

As I am certain that I would be an asset to your organization.  I anxiously await the opportunity for an interview.  I may be reached at the phone number listed above to further discuss my qualifications.


Maisha Price

Financial Analyst/TH Staff Assistant II



(Maisha Price) MINI Job Search

Within the past week I conducted a mini job search for an entry level position as a Health Services Administrator or manager.  I found that most employers were looking to fill a position with a person who had a minimum of 1 – 3 years experience in the field of health services administration.  Some requirements ranged from managing a clinic or performing some human resource and administrative duties.

My education here at New York City College of Technology has prepared me for an entry level position as a Health Services Administrator with room for growth.  I am seeking an entry level Administrative or Management position within Healthcare Services.  An example of my professional goal is to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to efficiently and effectively run a hospital facility or small practice.  My preferred work setting would be a fast-paced hospital facility that would keep me on my toes and provide the fundamental medical services within the community.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Health Services Administration.  I have 14 years’ experience in Outpatient analytical account review.  My current skills are insurance medical billing, reimbursement, and patient account follow up review.  Other skills include maintaining accurate records and files, operating equipment, providing customer service, account thoroughness, working with accuracy, working creatively, and envisioning solutions or ideas.

The positions available in this job market are Health Services Administration or Clinic Office Manager.  One particular organization’s goal or mission was to serve, teach and discover and according to them; which is achieved 365 days a year through the seamless integration of culture devoted to excellence in patient care, education and research.  In the field of Health Services Administration both for profit and non for profit organizations, hospitals and practices are hiring for the previously mentioned positions.  The most common specific skills required of these organizations are Bachelor’s degree, at least 3 years experience, directing, supervising and coordinating the overall.  In addition, strong communication skills are required.

The following skills are mostly desired by employers in the health services administration field; Bachelor’s degree, at least 3 years experience, directing, supervising and coordinating the overall operation of the clinical and administrative functions, overseeing the clinical and business staff in the development of policies, procedures, programs protocols, and the quality of patient outcomes, Strategically leading, supporting and mentoring staff in order to maintain an efficient patient-centered environment ensuring accountability, quality patient care, and patient satisfaction Employee performance management by identifying training needs of staff and completing performance evaluations.  In addition, responsible for hiring and disciplinary actions Monitoring key performance indicators and implements performance improvement initiatives Continuously seeking and implementing operational improvements, Preparing budgets by anticipating expected revenues and expenses to achieve organizational objectives.  Listed below are my internet outcomes.




  1. (Clinic Manager at American Renal Associates)
  2. (Health Services Administrator at Corizon Health)
  3. (Manager, HRIS and Benefits Administration)
  4. (Administrator 2 at HealthCare Partners Medical Group)
  5. (Administrative Assistant and Customer Service – Health Insurance)
  6. (Healthcare Administrator at Brookdale Senior Living Solutions)
  7. (Practice Administrator at Cardiology Associates)
  8. (Medical Office Administrator at Ambulatory Services in Brooklyn)
  9. (Health Services Administrator at Deffet Group, Inc.)
  10. (Clinical Analyst/Data Manager at NYU Langone Medical Center)
  11. (Director Administration and Client Services at Capstone Search Group – Chicago)
  12. (Practice Administrator at New York Presbyterian)
  13. (Director Medical Staff Services at Borgess Health – Kalamazoo, Michigan)
  14. (Associate Administrator, Patient Service & Assistant Chief Nursing Officer at The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB Health))
  15. (Service Delivery Analyst at Mercer – Urbandale, Iowa)

“MoneyMakingMaisha’s” Introduction

531916_10151741273336274_435327143_nHi my name is Maisha and my interest are my personal advancements in healthcare. I aspire to be a Health Services Administrator in the near future. I hope to administrate or manage a healthcare facility in which I would be giving back to the community with great service. My hobbies consist of higher education, working extra hours at work, singing in church, occasionally internet surfing and social media, attending concerts and comedy shows along with spending quality time with family.

Since 2009, I am a returning student at New York City College of Technology and my experiences at the college have been somewhat challenging, motivating but very exciting all at the same time. This past summer I didn’t travel anywhere. Instead I stayed home and enjoyed the school free days and spent lots of time with family. For this current semester I intend on studying hard and achieving good grades in all my classes.

As a writer I am not very confident of my skills. I feel I take extremely too long to express my feelings. I often misspell words and tend to have some grammatical errors that I am not proud of. For example, describing details as to what, when, why, where, or how something took place and how it affected me can be challenging. I dislike writing simply because it takes way too long to think of what I am going to write and I don’t like anything that takes too long. Nevertheless, one of my main reasons for returning back to school was to improve my basic skills in reading, writing, and math and things seem to be going very well.

On the topic of technology; I have minimal knowledge in technology. However, my technical knowledge consists of knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and other forms of Medical billing software and interfaces. I assume that a technical writing course would consist of tools that are essential in the world today. Case in point, resumes, cover letters, blogs, and other forms of media are all used to market oneself. I expect that to learn the necessary writing skills needed for the career world.