Proposal Requirements

Proposal Requirements and Sample Readings

Following the example of proposals we review in class, you will collaboratively create a proposal for your project. Please include the following elements in your proposal:

A. Executive Summary: Briefly summarize the project–including short paraphrases of each of the proposal components. Must not exceed 250 words/half page.

B. Statement of Need/Problem: Briefly explain the problem you are addressing, with research demonstrating the severity of the problem. You should include statistics from City Tech, quotes from fellow students and/or admin/staff, as well as research/stats from other colleges/universities in NYC and beyond. Include a brief description of the population to be served—what is the size and needs of this population (1 page or so)

C. Project Overview and Strategy:  Provide a clear and concise description of the project, as well as the strategy that you will use to achieve your goals. Include details about any potential partnerships (IE, contractors) or collaborations necessary for completing the project. Also include comparison with other potential solutions for the problem your project is addressing, and an explanation of why your solution is the best choice. Also, please name the obstacles to your project’s success as well as your strategies to overcome those obstacles. (about 2 pages)

D. Project Outcomes / Return on Investment: Be specific in describing measurable and verifiable outcomes that you expect to achieve. For instance, how will enrollment increase? How will student satisfaction improve? How will graduation rates improve? How will the status & ranking of the college improve? Be reasonable here—but don’t be afraid to shoot for ambitious goals. Also, please briefly describe the business upside of this project. How will it benefit the bottom line here at City Tech? (1/2 to 1 page)

E. Conclusion: This should serve more as a coda to the larger narrative as a whole. Here is the place to suggest next steps, and larger picture issues or subsequent projects that would result from your suggested solution.  I would write this last. (no more than 1/2 page)

Appendix: Project Budget:  Details TBD – I will post an Excel template for your team’s use. Your line items will be very rough estimates, and we will take this on together in class.

Note on Format: Please write as MS Word document and upload the proposal on our last day of class via our Assignment Uploader. Please use 12pt Times New Roman font.


2. Read the following proposals in class & discuss; when finished reading, please assign proposal elements to each member of your group.

Note: The first example adheres closely to our format, while the second has a few more/different requirements. Both are excellent.

Proposal from Southeast Community College to Community Health Endowment of Lincoln

Proposal from Building Tomorrow to Echoing Green


3. Post your group’s Meeting Minutes for the day as a blog post. In that blog post, please include:

1.  Your group name–something creative!

2. The group member names. Please note any group members who were absent today.

3. A breakdown of each group member’s assigned work.

4. Please title your post — “Proposal Assignments” and categorize it as “Meeting Minutes”

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