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Project Outline (Jessie Uruchima, Teresa W Yeung, Dorothy Canton, and Wenyu Kuang)

1. Your group name–something creative!

JTDK Resolve Group

2. The group member names. Please note any group members who were absent today.

Jessie Uruchima, Teresa W Yeung, Dorothy Canton, and Wenyu Kuang

3. A breakdown of each group member’s assigned work.

• Dorothy – Executive Summary
• Jessie – Project Overview and Strategy & Conclusion
• Teresa – Statement of Need/Problem
• Wen – Project Outcomes / Return on Investment


CourseHorse, Inc., found in 2011

Product/Service: What, in a sentence, does this company do/sell
It sells educational classes of broad categories from 800 top educators for all ages in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Founder/Co-Founders: Who founded the company? Are they still involved in day to day operations?
Nihal Parthasarathi, CEO and Katie Kapler, EVP, Product, are currently involved in its day-to-day operations.

Office/Headquarters: Where is the company located? Do they have a single headquarters, or do they have locations throughout the country/world?
It is headquartered in New York and located between the streets of Spring and Varick in the Soho District of Manhattan. Its class providers/partners are located in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

Products/Services: What does the company offer its users/subscribers? Services, products, consumer goods?
CourseHorse offers 40,000 courses from 800 top quality class providers in New York and Los Angeles. It helps people of all ages to identify, find and enroll in class according to their interest and needs. It also offers points reward system to reward returning students with discounts.

Method of Making Money: How does your company make money? Through advertising, subscribers, royalties, affiliate purchases, lead generation, selling data, or freemium payment models?
The company earns a commission every time a student books a seat.

Target Customers: Who are the target customers for this company?
Students of all ages and professions.

How many current users/customers, etc: How many customers do they currently have?
Revenue: 2M as of January 2014. It continually to grow at 7 times per year and current at a $3.5M run-rate.

How does the company advertise its product/services?
Via its official website:

Competitors/Competitive Advantage: What companies offer services/products that compete with your chosen company? What sets your chosen company apart from its competitors?
It seems to me is a very new start-up tech company of its kind.

Works Cited: You must document all the websites and articles you use to find the above information. Simply include a list of websites at the end of the blog post.
Listed as #73 by Forbes as America’s Most Promising Companies (2014)

Teresa Yeung – Cover Letter

March 12, 2015

Lloyd & Smith, PLLC
111 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10011

Re: Entry Level Paralegal

Dear Hiring Manager,

Referring to your recent job posting at LinkedIn, I have great interests in applying for the entry level paralegal position. Enclosed is a copy of my resume.

During the past six years, I have been a multi-tasks doer handling front desk, accounting, secretarial and administrative support duties at a non-profit international trade promotional organization with headquarters in Hong Kong. Yet, I love the job and thrive to better myself to do a better job on each and every day for I know I have a mission to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and the economy to grow. My prior role was a Legal Secretary to two attorneys at a long-established commercial debt collection and litigation law firm in Manhattan mid-town. Today, I am still thankful to the attorneys who had kindly gave me the chance to learn and be trained to adept at preparing and filing various types of litigation documents, including the Summons and Complaints, Answers, trial documents, motions and replevins.

Now I am ready and prepared for a change to land on a paralegal job. I hope to have an opportunity to contribute the best of my best, should I be hired, to benefit an organization that can offer me proper training and career development prospects in becoming a knowledgeable, confident, reliable and supportive paralegal.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to your favorable reply soon.

Teresa Yeung



Hi, I am Teresa Yeung.  My Chinese name is Wai Yee.   My dad had passed away for long time and only my mom calls me Wai Yee these days.   My co-workers, siblings and friends all call me Teresa.   I have great interests in reading news and articles of various kinds.   I want to be a great writer and stories teller to the young kids.   I had some good and some bad experience with CityTech during the last few years.   The best thing about it is that many professors of my classes in the past had been very kind, supportive and encouraging in my student and career life.  It broadened my views and I always enjoyed the process of learning.  The bad thing is that the my major’s department did not give much support or advise to part-time students like me, especially in registering classes.   I like to travel to see and experience different countries’ people and culture.  This summer, I intend to continue my studies and take a class in Summer and, if time permits, pay a brief visit to a neighboring city before the next semester begins.

I do not speak native English or write perfect English but I have genuine interest in reading, exploring facts and writing.   I believe writing skills and writing style can be developed and improved over time.   Technical writing is rather new to me.   Honestly, I initially do not feel very comfortable to write and communicate with the public – the strangers. However, I am interested in learning all the latest techniques in writing, which can help me stay connected with others, get to know each other better, and seek help whenever I need it.