I am named Janet and my born day is October 9th, which makes my zodiac sign – LIBRA! I am not a big fan of the whole horoscope sign but hey, if it is a positive trait I’ll take it. My parents migrated here in the early 80’s from Mexico which makes me a Chicana (Mexican born in the U.S). I have two siblings- Michael, 23 years old & Kevin that turned 21 years old on February 1st. I am the eldest.

I am in the process of rediscovering myself if that makes sense. I want to get more into sports and learn football, soccer, basketball and maybe a little baseball. I don’t want to learn just rules of the game I want to know the players and the teams’ history all that good interesting stuff. I also want to get into gaming, initially I felt games were lame and not cool but it seems that the gaming world is really kicking up now. I have zero experience in this and well, it is pretty embarrassing I feel. The only gaming consoles I ever owned were Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and Nintendo. Clearly, I need to step up my gaming skills but I do not where to start or what games should I look into. I also want to get into art, painting to be exact on a canvass and want to learn some type of exotic dance classes J hey, why not?

I feel I am an average writer. I dislike quoting and constructing a works cited page. As for how technologically advanced I am, well I am sure I am not too advanced I am mostly aware of the basics. I am definitely incapable of building a computer or constructing a website but would definitely like to learn how to do a website also. Not all writing is the same however, this we know by the way we respond to a text message vs. a job email offering or a paper assignment due to class. I imagine technical writing is becoming familiar with the various instruments of writing and which one is more adequate for a written response. I hope to learn how to format my writing objects especially like blogging and or just becoming a better-rounded individual in today’s ever changing society.


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