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My name is Kenneth but friends call me Kenny. I am very motivated and quite ambitious. I strive to be the best beyond my abilities. I feel that we all can be better and do better than what we think we are capable of. I am very health conscious. I am also very much into sports like Soccer, Tennis, Handball, and most of all I am a bit of a martial art enthusiast. Being involved in different activities allows me to become a better person. It allows me to have great concentration and focus skills. It give me a drive to motivate myself in striving to accomplish what I set out to accomplish. I desire greatness so I always aim to fix my mistakes and learn from it.

My experiences in City Tech has been a great tool that helps me improve my knowledge within my field of study. Learning from various subjects like Advertising, web design, illustration and animation helped me broaden my knowledge and skill. Using what I have learned, I aim to develop my own path within the industry of advertising as an animator or game designer.

After a long battle of 5 major classes last semester, I reward myself with a long refreshing rest over the winter break. Spending time with my loved ones and as well as friends, made me feel renewed and fresh. With a long senior year ahead, I know my classes will be tough, mind straining, and stressful. However, I am prepared to tackle it in full throttle. This semester, I strive to pass all of my classes with great marks. I Look forward to work as an animator or game artist/designer.


People often ask me if I love writing. Several years ago, I loved writing, particularly poetry. But as I got more involved with my major I stopped writing. As a writer, my skill is above average. I have my faults like misspelled words, punctuation errors but these are because I often over look some words while I type. So to sum up, I need to remember to prof read my work. When writing, I often found it annoying to think of what to write or how to write what I want to say in a more simplified manner. My Mac (Apple) is my best friend so as a result, you will find me on a Mac using one of the software. Technical writing involves writing detailed what you are trying to say from step one to the last step. From the word Advance career writing, I am expect to get a more advance base feel of writing. A more business like way of communicating among piers.


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About Kenny

Hi, My name is Kenneth. Welcome to my site. In here you will find my interest and journey towards my goal for success. I aim to become the greatest animator, game designer and art director I could be. Until then, I will continue to develop my intellect and polish my skills in all aspects of advertising. Your feedback is very well appreciated.

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