Katherine Pena- Introduction


My name is Katherine Pena, I am 21 yrs. old and a junior at New York City College of Technology. My experience at City Tech has led to some ups and downs, but I believe that so far I have been exposed to a variety of amazing professors who’ve helped me rekindle my love for everything design! My interests are mainly graphic design, photography, writing, baseball, cinematography, and lastly browsing the internet. If I’m not at school or dabbling on the adobe suite programs, I am working at Yankee Stadium. I’ve loved the Yankees and baseball in general since I was a kid, so working in a stadium filled with energy and diehard fans is always a good time. I am not really a fan of other sports but I will watch the occasional basketball game. Most of my past couple of summers (as well as spring and early fall) was spent at the stadium, and of course the earnings went to buying things such as my new SDLR and computer. Oddly enough I have a twin sister who shares almost my exact same interests. She’s also a communication design major.

Before design became my passion, I dreamed of being a writer. When I was in the 6th grade, I wrote stories on the internet for fun and sometimes for feedback. Due to those stories I became interested in fan art and later stumbled upon the world of design. I then began experimenting on paintshop pro and Photoshop.  Although those designs were hideously ugly, I knew it was I wanted to do. Although, I’d like to think I’ve gotten better by now! Now, writing is something I like to do on my free time. I admire authors who are able to beautifully bring an idea to life with great execution. As a writer, I believe my strengths would have to be for the most part my spelling and organizing and developing logical ideas. My weaknesses are most definitely failing to write a thorough conclusion and also introducing my ideas in my introduction. Unfortunately, I tend to have poor time management, mostly focusing on my body paragraphs, and often ending my essays abruptly.

What I enjoy most about writing would have to be character development. Creating versatile characters with completely different identities is very fun.  What I dislike about writing would have to be failing at accurately transitioning your thoughts onto paper. It’s very easy to lose track of your thought process or even go off the rail completely. My background with technology is fairly intermediate since most of my interests include using a computer or other technological devices. I use to be an IT intern in high school and we learned how to properly identify computer components/hardware. When it comes to software I am fairly knowledge with adobe programs and some Microsoft programs such as windows. I’d really like to learn more about other Microsoft programs. I believe technical writing would have to do with business writing like resumes or office documents most likely drafted on computers. My expectations for this course would have to be to learn about the business aspect of writing (resumes, coverletters,etc) and how to properly create them. type

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