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to organize (things) so that the most important thing is done or dealt with first

to make (something) the most important thing in a group

The word was found in the online newspaper on the New York Times on December 4, 2014. The word is used in the fifth paragraph ““We would not today prioritize spending $3.7 billion on the transit hub over other significant infrastructure needs,” Patrick J. Foye, the authority’s executive director, said in October.”

The word is being used in the sentence to describe the amount of money spend on and what was important. The word describes the importance of  how much money it was spend on.


Ignominious- adjective

causing disgrace or shame

The word was found on December 4,2014 while reading an online newspaper in the The word is found in the second paragraph at the beginning of the article “Its colossal avian presence may yet guarantee the hub a place in the pantheon of civic design in New York. But it cannot escape another, more ignominious distinction as one of the most expensive and most delayed train stations ever built.”

While reading the newspaper, I didn’t understand how the word was being used. After looking up the word, ignominious is being used as shame. The word was used in the paragraph to describe the shame since its near the train station that’s always delayed.




Sinuously- adverb

Definition:having many twists and turns

moving and bending in a smooth and attractive way

of a serpentine or wavy form

marked by strong lithe movements

The word was found in the New York Times Online Newspaper on Tuesday December 2,2014. The word is used in the first paragraph The word is found in the start “With its long steel wings poised sinuously above the National September 11 Memorial in Lower Manhattan, the World Trade Center Transportation Hub has finally assumed its full astonishing form, more than a decade after it was conceived.”

The word is being used as more marked by strong lithe movements, in the reading the sentence describes the memory of 9/11. The word is being used in the sentence as a way to describes a strong appearance it represents.



Summary : “A Picture Of Language: The Fading Art Of Diagramming Sentences”

This reading by Juana Summers wanted to share the creation of “Pop Chart Lab”, which was a design firm that was taken the first line of famous novels and diagrammed those sentences, that would help with making the perfect sentence by using a diagram. She states the practice has been a controversial history, but no one doesn’t know what it is. Using the diagram makes it easier for kids to understand  to write and use correct English. From “An Education ‘Phenomenon’, Burns Florey and other experts traced the origin of diagramming sentences back to 1877 and two professors at Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. Burns states that it might be still good to use as a tool for some students. There’s questions of if it should be placed in English classes today, but Burns says that there are two kinds of people in this world, the ones who love diagramming and those who hat it. So, it was frustrate the students completely overall if it was used now.

Diagramming Sentences

One method for writing sentences is to diagram them using a chart. The chart shows the sentence but almost in a puzzle like form. This was formerly used to teach new users of the English language but has since been tossed out and is not recognised by the Common Core. English teachers also agree and say that diagramming sentences does nothing to teach but how to make diagrams. Whether or not it is actually practical can be debated but one thing is for sure. It’s a unique way to write sentences.

Summary: A Picture of Language: The Fading Art of Diagramming Sentences

In the passage the Fading Art of Diagramming Sentences, Juana Summers states a situation presented a forgotten method. There use to be a method before that is not know to many people and other peoples just forgot. The use of the sentence diagram, which is using geometry that involves grammar as well.  The use of the sentence diagram was used before in all of U.S schools. The sentence diagram was founded in Brooklyn and late was taken all throughout the nation, which was practiced for 50 or 60 years. The sentence diagram is not approved by the common core however, many people say that the sentence diagram has improved people with their writing. Unfortunately, it might have helped people some didn’t like it.  Many people did understand the method and many got mad leading them to confuse. After reading the passage, I understand the people in getting mad by just looking at the diagram its confusing. I feel like people who don’t understand grammar might find the sentence diagram a great way to understand it.

Class 25: A Humument and more

In class on Monday, we discussed the next reading, which was actually a series of images that combine the visual and the written, in the form of a reinvented book by Tom Phillips, what he entitled A Humument. Please review the official site–not just the home page but the other pages on the site. On the essays page, please choose one of the essays (not necessarily the first one), and read it to get a sense of what others have said about the project. I also encourage you to do a Google Image search for A Humument to see as many different pages as possible. Which pages stand out to you, and what design principles do they demonstrate? We will discuss this in class on Wednesday.

We will also workshop Project #4, so please have a copy of your work either in print or available to you electronically (we will do this in N1122). You might also bring copies–print or electronic–of the research you have done so you can work on incorporating it into your project.

At the end of class, if time permits, we will visit the Student Research Poster Session. Our learning community has a poster there, designed by Prof. Spevack using your work from the Grace Gallery show! We’ll look at other posters there, too, to think about how image and text combine to communicate the work these posters represent.

After class, some of you have appointments with me in my office, N520. We’ll need to keep to a tight schedule to fit all of these appointments in.

At 3:00 in N119, there will be an event linked to the poster session, the Undergraduate Research Mixer, which is a great opportunity to meet faculty members interested in mentoring undergraduates in research projects, and other students interested in or currently conducting research here at City Tech. There will be a reception at the event as well. Worth checking out!


A Picture of Language

A Picture Of Language: The Fading Art Of Diagramming Sentences

  • about diagramming sentences
  • it’s not used anymore
  • can be used for new readers and learners of English to understand the language
  • can help improve a person’s English skills by giving them a better understanding of what each word’s role in the sentence is
  • not everyone gets it
  • not a lot of people know it anymore
  • structure sentences better by seeing them “drawn as graphic structures”
  • NCTE: it’s “a deterrent to the improvement of students’ speaking and writing.”
  • Kitty Burns Florey: “When you diagram a sentence, those things are always in that relation to each other.”
  • invented in Brooklyn by two professors at Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute

One-sentence summary:

Diagramming sentences can help someone improve their English skills. but it is not recognized in the Common Core.

In “A Picture of Language: The fading Art of Diagramming Sentences,” Juana Summers describes the now-forgotten practice of diagramming sentences as a graphic or spatial way to learn the English language.

According to Juana Summers, in “A Picture of Language: The fading Art of Diagramming Sentences,”  the now-forgotten practice of diagramming sentences was used as a graphic or spatial way to learn the English language.




Bulking- Noun or Verb

Definition: most of something : the largest part of something: the large size of someone or something

(Verb):  to cause to swell or bulge :  stuff

:  to gather into a mass or aggregate

This word was encounter in Monday November 24, 2014 which was presented in an online newspaper.  This word was shown in the middle section in a yellow box It was used as ” At this point it looked like he was almost  bulking up to run through the shots, like it was making him mad that I was shooting at him.”

In order to understand the word Bulking, I used the word in the sentence and the definition. I broke down the sentence in order to process the word. I believe the word used in the passage was used in a verb. The word bulking is being used as angry, the guy was angry for getting shot.


ENG Project#4 Part2: The Pitch

To start off saying, this route would be mostly focused on beauty. For the people who wants to explore and find the unexpecting secrets in Brooklyn. This route displays a walkable journey in Brookyln that differs from your everyday walks for you to explore something new & love what you see. So,  what I’m about to share with you now should be suggested to everyone that have the craving to find beauty in whatever weather from wherever you start.

Imagine being on the Brooklyn Bridge and wondered what does it look like from a distance that you can see all of it. The beauty of that massive structure[Brooklyn Bridge] will blow you away from just staring at it during  the night or in the morning, when the sun sets or rises. But I would recommend viewing it when it starts getting dark. You would say that you wouldn’t be able to see it in the dark. Well, of course you can. The light that flicker on top of it’s head and as the cars lights flashing on it’s body. You’ll be able to see it. Even with the lights from the buildings on both sides of the bridge will capture your eyes. As you stare in that perspective, you will think its flat and smaller from the distance your at. And you may ask where is the perfect spot to see the bridge at such a full view. That would be on the Manhattan Bridge. Its the best spot to see everything at the perfect height and distance. It’s not far from the Brooklyn Bridge at all. So, the route I chose to get to Manhattan Bridge won’t be a hassle, but seeing something new that i’ve enjoyed, you will enjoy as well.

I chose to go on a rainy day. Thats not the right weather to do such a walk for 15-20 minutes including stopping to see many things, but I’m that type of person that would go anywhere without caring if the weather is gloomy or not. Others should be that way as well to get to their destination. Anyway, it was starting to become dark which wasn’t that bad. Mostly your going to surrounded by Asian Culture, so, your going to be in ChinaTown. You want to see the amazing historical looking asian designs that they display outside of their buildings. Also, get to smell and see a lot of different variety of food you want to try or familiar to you. There’s so many markets that sell interesting fruits, bakeries with tasting looking treats and bread, cold or warm beverages from that I know that people would say, “I’m too exhausted to do all of that walking”, “I don’t have the time”, or “I’m too hungry and lazy”, and etc of so many excuses. I understand completely to those feelings because I can be like that as well. We’re all human, but it wouldn’t kill us to just take some time to walk somewhere and be sucked into it.

When you finally follow that narrow but bright path on the Manhattan Bridge, you will see graffiti on the ground and on other buildings. Different colors of graffiti everywhere as you walk and the view of the Freedom Tower in the distance. The lights of the cities that never sleep and the ant-sized looking, busy people that you can see strolling along. All you’ll hear is the roaring trains rushing pass. Might hear the honking of the cars but not as much. Then you’ll see the Brookyln  bridge in your sites. Stop and stare at it. During the night time, you can’t really see the details of the bridge but the ontline of it with the gray sky as its background which makes it stand out more. As your staring, your going to think that it looks like it’s a  painting, not real, with the water underneath it that looks so still and flat. Then having the dark sky and smoky clouds behind it makes the bridge stand out more. The one  word you would gasp to some up what you see is, “wow”. Thats just a guess of what you might say, but I know you’ll be amazed.  Having to see something that looks unreal makes the trip worth it. I think that walking later in the day and the change of weather made the sight better than going during the day. The Brooklyn bridge amazes the people that live within the city and outside of the city. People come all over to see the bridge and want to see the uniqueness and importance it portrays. Even according to the News report on NY1 at 7/07/2013, a large group of swimmers swam under the Brooklyn Bridge and had some positive comments about the experience. One swimmers says,”You look up and you see that you’re swimming user this beautiful bridge and it feels great. It’s a view that most New Yorkers don’t get a chance to see.” This quote proves that we have to try to look at this bridge in any angle as if we had to.

Therefore just think about beauty for a second and wonder if you can find it anywhere but at a different time or weather. I would force you to take this route but to become interested into it or think about it.   Won’t it be interesting? Won’t it be fun? I think it was and I know you’ll think so too.