Summary: A Picture of Language: The Fading Art of Diagramming Sentences

In the passage the Fading Art of Diagramming Sentences, Juana Summers states a situation presented a forgotten method. There use to be a method before that is not know to many people and other peoples just forgot. The use of the sentence diagram, which is using geometry that involves grammar as well.  The use of the sentence diagram was used before in all of U.S schools. The sentence diagram was founded in Brooklyn and late was taken all throughout the nation, which was practiced for 50 or 60 years. The sentence diagram is not approved by the common core however, many people say that the sentence diagram has improved people with their writing. Unfortunately, it might have helped people some didn’t like it.  Many people did understand the method and many got mad leading them to confuse. After reading the passage, I understand the people in getting mad by just looking at the diagram its confusing. I feel like people who don’t understand grammar might find the sentence diagram a great way to understand it.

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