Final Texture & Pattern

During this project I learned to be more experimental. At first I only stuck to one way/line usage , but towards the end I just tried what I thought would look good and it came out good. If I had a change to redo this it would be to plan this out further ahead and I would also try to be more experimental because the possibilities were endless. I will definitely plan ahead for my new project. The most successful thing for me was replicating the movement in the original image to my own drawing.

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I am currently pursuing a BFA degree and throughout these years I plan on consuming as much knowledge as I can on designing. Most importantly I would like to better my skills and hopefully master the art of communicating visually. I have been working on photoshop and similar editing programs for around 5 years. I am a late novice in Premiere Pro and After Effects. I love photo bashing, photomanipulation and I am entering the world of drawing which is very tedious. I have done work for rappers/ hip hop artists and also small brands. Here is where you can find my current work that I come up with in my free time: ——— —— At some point I will create a website that adheres to my work

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