Bryan Rodriguez Quiz

1. g

For this motion blur, I used a toy car to create a motion of speed. To capture this, I had to stay as still as possible, so that the only blur seen was that of the moving car. Other parts of the photo would have come out blurry if I weren’t still, and would have ruined the motion blur.



I angled my camera to control the depth and focused it on the front shell causing the back shell to become blurred creating shallow depth of field.


  • Exposure: +2.62
  • Contrast: -100
  • Highlight: -100
  • Shadows: =31
  • Blacks: -48
  • Vibrance: +57
  • Texture: +21
  • Clarity: +21
  • Dehaze: +0

4. The two Samuel Jackson pictures are different visuals and have different techniques and styles. The first one of Jackson is a b&w picture with a different facial expression and attitude compared to the right. The light in both pictures is diffused and gives off some shadow in the first photograph. The second color picture is visual closer and becomes more personal to the viewer. The second picture follows the dominant eye technique.


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  1. rmichals says:

    1. I can see the motion blur. remember that it is a log shutter speed that creates motion blur.
    2. good.
    3. Nice correction.
    4. I was looking for the composition and lighting style terms that we discussed in class and are on this openlab site.

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