Final Projects

Over the course of the semester, you will be working with a group to prepare a significant final project that will include several aspects. For your project, you should identify a problem on conflict within your community or intended profession. You will study the history and status of that issue and prepare a formal report and conclusions or recommendations you have drawn about the issue. You will present your findings through a web site and give a formal presentation including appropriate audio-visual components. We will break down the overall project into smaller steps and allow time for review and revision.

Your first task is to finalize a team of no more than four, brainstorm ideas, and commit to a topic. We will spend some time in class on Sept 19 doing this. You will be expected to update the class about your topic and why you chose it on Oct 3.

Business Letter To Asus Computers

Asus Computer International

800 Corporate Way,

Fremont, CA 94539

Dear Asus Computers,

I have been a customer of Asus Computers since you have come out with the Republic of Gamer’s series of laptops and computers, but specifically your Republic of Gamer’s laptops. I have always been a fan of gaming and the latest and greatest computer parts and laptops that can run the most recent games, but with the recent introduction of the G55/G75 laptop series, I had to get my hands on one of them immediately.

My most current purchase was of the Asus G55VW and before that the Asus G50VT-X1 which was my very first gaming laptop. I must say, the G55VW laptop is a work of beauty. The two strategically placed back facing fans are great as it provides adequate cooling and to prevent overheating, the optimally spaced and backlit keyboard so I can type and play in the dark without searching for the keys, the new Ivy Bridge i7-3610QM Quad Core for easy Multi-Tasking and Heavy gaming load, and also the New NVidia Kepler GeForce GTX 660m to of course handle the new latest and greatest games without graphical lag. Overall, this product is built to last and also built strategically in its interior. Since purchasing this laptop, I have played latest games such as Guild Wars 2, Diablo III, and Allods Online all with maximum graphics and barely any graphical lag.

I am writing this primarily to thank you for creating excellent products and also to continue making and creating better models! These laptop models and the most recent computer model addition that you have created are one of series’ and one of the market’s best computer models. Again, thank you very much for the excellent products and continue to keep up and be the best of the best!


Christian Perea

Stephen Jay Gould & Natalie Angier: What makes science writing readable?

Consider this quote from Carolyn R. Miller’s “A Humanistic Rationale for Technical Writing”:

“If the subject matter of science (bits of reality, inartistic proofs) exists independently, the scientist’s duty is but to observe clearly and transmit faithfully. The whole idea of invention is heresy to positivist science–science does not invent, it discovers. Form and style become techniques for increasingly accurate transmission of logical processes or of sensory observations; consequently, we teach recipes for the description of mechanism, the description of process, classification, and interpretation. … If we take this approach to form and style very seriously, there is not very much to teach in a technical writing class.”

On Sept 19, we are going to look at Stephen Jay Gould’s classic article “Size and Shape” together in class, along with an excerpt from Natalie Angier’s book The Canon. We are going to compare and contrast it with some examples of muddled and jargon-laden writing. We will consider how science and technical writing employ rhetoric and style to communicate and make an impression on readers.

We will also consider What Is Writing?

Business Letter to Motorola

Motorola Mobility, Inc.

600 North U.S. Highway 45

Libertyville, Illinois 60048 USA

Dear Motorola Inc.,

Congratulations on your merger with Google. Maybe now you can actually get back manufacturing Android devices that keep up with their vision. I’ve been a Droid loyalist since the OG Droid and by now, I’m sure that you can imagine I’m fed up.

Device after device, you and other manufacturers have saturated the mobile market with banality. Moreover, every supposed “top-tier” device that you particularly produced to raise the bar has lacked major features, falling far short of expectations. While we both know I could go on for days about your blunders, I’d rather focus on the Droid legacy. You began with the Droid 1. It pioneered the Android movement on Verizon and enticed the uprising of the entire platform over iOS. It was a solid device and with each iteration since, it’s as if you’ve been intentionally screwing your customers over. The Droid 2 had a larger Keyboard, but you switched the soft keys for no reason and you made it far less durable than its predecessor. The Droid 3 was even worse, with a larger screen, front-facing camera, and lack of 4G. That missing feature was quite odd, considering that, at the very same time you released an identical device in Canada, in which you included 4G antennas. To add further insult to OG Droid line loyalists, you released the Bionic with 4G in America, very soon after. Your marketing scheme is deplorable and I felt cheated up until I caught word of the new Droid 4 and all its glory. Finally, we had a Droid worthy of upholding the label. It boasted every feature that the top devices already had, and raised the bar with water-resistant sealing, the best keyboard yet, and still, the thinnest QWERTY slider on the market. But of course there was a caveat – a non-removable battery. The genius behind approving this ‘feature’ for your most powerful (i.e. most power-consuming) Droid ever produced needs a promotion *that’s called sarcasm*. What’s worse is the fact that you leave your loyal customers only one option for getting the defective or old batteries replaced – sending their device to Motorola Inc. and waiting for the week long turnaround to get them back. With Verizon, the average customer pays no less than $100/month. That said, we depend heavily on our devices. For you to have our phones for an entire week as if our communications mean nothing to us and it’s not 1/4 of an entire bill cycle, I feel you lack even the slightest iota of concern for the needs of your consumers. You inconvenience those who, as a producer, should matter most to you.

The only way I can see this problem being resolved is with you providing support (battery changes) through Verizon retail locations and never manufacturing any future devices with non-removable batteries. How did you go from boasting a removable battery as an advantage over the iPhone when the first Droid was released up to now producing the Droid 4 with a sealed in battery, alongside the iPhone 4 and 5, which now have removable batteries? You basically had everything, got immense consumer support, influenced competitors to raise the bar, then fell behind and stopped caring to satisfy the most loyal buyers. Get it together, Motorola.


Kaliym Rashaad



Business Letter

9997 Rose Hills Road

Whittier, CA, 90601

Dear Newegg,

I have been a customer of your website for several years now. I would like to write to you to commend you on the excellent services you provide. Over the many years I have used your services I have never had a single problem and the products have always been delivered in a timely fashion sometimes even earlier then expected.  The products provided by your store are the very good quality and durability. I have built several computers from components brought in your store. All of which have worked exceptionally well and have long life expectancies.

The policies on shipping’s and returns are very flexible and convenient. Your company ensures that products ordered reach their destination on the set date. Most of the products order through your company are often delivered one or two days earlier than the expected day. The return policies are all so very good. One can return any single product ordered as long as they meet certain criteria’s. Another great aspect of your store is the incredibly wide selection of products you present to the public. Just about every single customer need can be fulfilled, whether one is looking to upgrade hardware, add modifications, replace parts, or build an entire computer from scratch Newegg will surely provide the products you need. The products Newegg provides are of high quality and reliability.

Another great aspect of your store is the tremendous amounts of information and feedback you provide for your products. Many of your products have video reviews and technical break down. These are very helpful when shopping as it gives the shopper as much information as he/she may need in order to make the right buy for them. The video technical break down are tremendously helpful as they provide incredible insight on the products as well as all of their properties and functions.

Over all the services and products you provide are both of great quality, durability and reliability. I just wanted to commend the store for that. As well as let you know how helpful your services are as well as thank you very much for them and for placing such a diverse store of computer components just a few clicks away. Thank you very much and keep up the great work and services.


Carlos Oreza

62 Brighton 10th Street

Brooklyn, N.Y 11235

Business Letter to Fossil

34- 35 76th St. Apt 6G

Jackson Heights, NY 11372

October 17, 2012


Kosta N. Kartsotis

Fossil Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

ATTN: Web Clerical

10615 Sanden Drive

Dallas, TX 75238


Dear Kosta N. Kartsotis:


On September 1st of this year, I ordered five watches from I received the shipment last week, but when I opened those boxes I saw that the five items were not the new Emma Stainless Steel Watch Two Tone Style # ES3115 Style #: ES3115 Style #: ES3115 Style #: ES3115that I chose on the website, the quality of these watches, the color and the price are much lower. I went to the page to find out what you send me and it was Stella Mini Stainless Steel Watch Style# ES3196. These watches cost $125 and the ones that I paid for are $225. The bill however, corresponds to the product requested originally so I have been charged $1,033.50 to my credit card for something that I didn’t receive. When I tried to contact the company by phone, the operator from customer service was unhelpful and as I was explaining the situation to him, he started to take a very unpleasant attitude with me.  The problem was not solved so I want to contact you.

Obviously, I cannot authorize the payment of this bill until I received the item I requested in my order of September 1st. I urge you to contact me to resolve this situation as quickly as possible.

Awaiting for your response, and hoping to receive a friendly greeting.


Diana Martinez


Business letter

Aer Lingus Head Office
Dublin Airport


Dear General Manager of Aer Lingus Airlines,

My name is Marcin Jaworski and I’m your airlines customer, very often I use your airlines services when I fly from U.S.A. to Europe. I really enjoy using your services but I have a few comments towards Aer Lingus services.

Since I remember, I’m using your service from June 2009. So far I have bought six airplane tickets in different time periods, at your website. The in-flight service is really great, I can’t say any bad word about it. Also the airport service is great too, because my luggage was never lost or damaged. The only thing with which I have problems are discounts on the tickets. Since I have bought my last ticket I didn’t receive any discount , it seems that your company doesn’t care about your old customers. I’m thinking of going to Europe this winter and I don’t know if I should use your airlines services, maybe I should look for different airlines which cares much better about their customers.

I hope you will try to do something with this problem because airline tickets are expensive anyway. So if your company could offer discounts for old customers and those who are using Aer Lingus services so often, it will bring more benefits for your airlines in form of customers. Thank you for your airline service which is great anyway and also, for your attention.


Marcin Jaworski
7618 69th PL.
Glendale, NY 11385





To: Amazon Inc.



Dear Amazon staff, I want to start by saying thank you for the great customer service that you provide. I’m a premium buyer, since I always buy a lot and want things to be shipped as soon as possible. Also the design of you website makes everything so easily for customers like myself to find what we are looking for. I also like how the website can be set in different languages.

I would like to talk to you about the new Kindle Fire HD. As far as the information you have provided us with, the new design is very slim, the screen is brighter and the speakers are a lot better. With this new Kindle you are able to watch movies, listen to magazines and read all the books of your choice. However, other than the design I don’t see much of a difference from the preview Kindles. Also the prices are close to those apple tablets have which provide more services than the kindle. So why are the prices so high?

I would like to thank you for the treating your costumers with care and appreciation. Also your services are very good and hopefully you keep doing your job. Thanks again and I hope to hear from you guys soon.


Behistym Cabrera

Business Letter

Apple Inc.

1 Infinite Loop

Cupertino, CA 95014                         September 16, 2012

Dear Apple’s Representative,

I am writing this letter in relation to the new I-Phone 5 that the company will be unveiling for sale next week.  As a proud customer of Apple, I am disappointed with the new design of the I-Phone 5.

Over the past few years I have been an admirer and a valued customer to Apple Inc.  I have purchased a few of your products such as the I-Pod Shuffle, the I-Pod Classic and the I-PodTouch.  Apple Products have been a resource not only in the US but also all around the world.

The new I-Phone 5 resembles many of the new phones on the market today such as the Samsung SIII and the Android Phones due to its slimmer and longer design.  The I-Phone 5 differs from the original style and look compared to the previous versions of the I-Phone from the first I-Phone to the last version of the I-Phone 4S.

In my opinion, the I-Phone 4S is the best phone on the market at this time due to its unique features and style and I am very disappointed with the new look and design.


Jaleel Robinson.