Business letter

Aer Lingus Head Office
Dublin Airport


Dear General Manager of Aer Lingus Airlines,

My name is Marcin Jaworski and I’m your airlines customer, very often I use your airlines services when I fly from U.S.A. to Europe. I really enjoy using your services but I have a few comments towards Aer Lingus services.

Since I remember, I’m using your service from June 2009. So far I have bought six airplane tickets in different time periods, at your website. The in-flight service is really great, I can’t say any bad word about it. Also the airport service is great too, because my luggage was never lost or damaged. The only thing with which I have problems are discounts on the tickets. Since I have bought my last ticket I didn’t receive any discount , it seems that your company doesn’t care about your old customers. I’m thinking of going to Europe this winter and I don’t know if I should use your airlines services, maybe I should look for different airlines which cares much better about their customers.

I hope you will try to do something with this problem because airline tickets are expensive anyway. So if your company could offer discounts for old customers and those who are using Aer Lingus services so often, it will bring more benefits for your airlines in form of customers. Thank you for your airline service which is great anyway and also, for your attention.


Marcin Jaworski
7618 69th PL.
Glendale, NY 11385




1 thought on “Business letter

  1. Marcin Jaworski
    7618 69th PL.
    Glendale, NY 11385

    Dear Mr. Jogorski,
    It is my pleasure to have received a letter from a long time and valuable customer. I was heartbroken to hear that our company hasn’t sent you any coupons or promotional discounts for your travels. We actually have an option that I hope you will find most convenient. Not only will you be getting discounts, but you will be getting points for purchasing airline tickets, transportation, and hotel stay. This is called out A+ Advantage Members. It is free to sign up and every time you make a purchase online, your account automatically gets points that you can use to get free airfare, hotel stay, and car rentals. This special is all year round and like I stated, it’s completely free.
    It is always an honor to get letters from concerned customers. We have the opportunity to know how we are doing and it gives us feedback and we can give customers what they want. Thank you for taking the time and reaching out to us. I hope that you will always stay as our customer, and we will always do our best to fulfill your satisfaction.

    Best regards
    Mohammed Alam
    Customer Relations

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